Monday, 12 May 2014


This is my third Mother's Day as a Mom and I still can't believe I am lucky enough to be on this journey!!  There are things I learn that give me such an appreciation for my own Mom and why she did or didn't do things that at one time I'm sure I questioned. I want you to know, Mom, I am beginning to understand. To understand everything. The messy house, (you were far too busy having fun outside, watching us splash in puddles, climb hay stacks and bake mud pies,) the casseroles for dinner (you were far too busy sewing us and our Barbies clothes to spend time every night preparing some fancy meal,) the "mom" jeans (you spent all of your money, happily, on making sure your three girls always looked adorable and stylish,) the curfews and snoopy questions (you loved us more than I ever understood until now and were just trying to protect us!)  I understand what it means to love someone so much that you'll let laundry pile up, dishes pile up, dust, dog hair and toothpaste slop cover your counters and floor just so you can spend another 10 minutes playing outside. To love someone so much that you can find a way to justify Mini wheats for dinner if it means they'll get something in their bellies. To love someone so much that you'll spend all of your money on clothes, for three and one year olds instead of yourself. To love someone so much that you will literally "stalk" them to keep them safe!  I get it! I'm a MOM!!

Today started exactly the same way it has for the last three years. We woke up and headed to the big Mother's Day 5km run/walk. This has race has become a tradition for our Family though Marty doesn't actually participate in the actual walking/running part. His role is that of Chariot loader upper, mini van driver and finish line cheerleader! This was the first Mother's Day race that Payton was able to participate in (last year she hung out at the Finish Line with Daddy.  She was less than 2 months old.)  Though she's very steady on her feet and a very capable walker, I didn't actually want her "walking." She is way too unpredictable, refuses to hold my hand and will not under any circumstances walk in the direction of the majority. Nope, Payton was going to have to ride. She is not a big fan of riding in the chariot, so I planned for her to ride in the backpack. This was Ryder's third race (I use the term "race loosely. This is actually promoted as a race of sorts, but it's more of a very HUGE Family friendly stroll,) in the chariot, though his first in the double chariot. I hoped he would walk a good portion of the race this time, but figured the Chariot would be good just in case...I certainly couldn't carry both kids if Ryder ran out of steam, plus we had some friends joining us and this way every kid had options!

I didn't put Payton in the backpack until we were ready to cross the start line as I didn't want her to get tired of her "ride" too early. She had a blast walking up and down the start area checking out all the other "racers." She looked so stinkin' cute in her tutu!
 My Boy ready to run!

 Getting into race position.
 Ryder didn't walk/run the whole 5km. He has a nasty cold and kept coughing, so he rode a little, walked a little, snacked a little...
 waded in puddles a little..
 ..jumped off the curb into puddles a little...
 ..and high fived police officers a little.
 We crossed the finish line all together. I thought I would pull Payton out of the pack so that she could "walk" with us across the finish line, but she just wanted to push the chariot...I love the "I need to push everything" stage. So adorable!!
It was a fantastic day, the sun shone, the smiles were plenty, my card has a Starbucks card in it and my dinner plate was filled with chocolate chip pancakes made for me by Marty and Ryder, as per tradition! Yummmy!!!! 

My heart is full!! Thank you to my Family for spoiling me and thank you to my own Mom for being an amazing example of what a good, fun Mom should be like! I hope my kids grow up to love me like I love you!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and celebrate your Mommas!!!

Friday, 2 May 2014


I really, truly am trying to make time to write weekly, but life keeps getting in the way...that's a good thing, right?! We are too busy having fun and/or recovering from tantrums to have much time to do anything else, let alone write.
The last time I wrote we were about to celebrate Easter, which we did with Mom and Nic.  Ryder ended up getting sick again (remember his fever at Christmas?) This time he didnt' have a fever but he wanted to sleep all day Easter Sunday. He kept asking to go "have a nap."
He did perk up enough to find some eggs, but he hardly ate any of the chocolate and has not asked for once piece since then (don't worry, I've eaten all of it by didn't go to waste...)

Saturday, before he got sick, we colored Easter eggs!  Grammy always has the coolest egg decorating kits!
 Payton got into the spirit of hunting for eggs...kind of...mostly she was happy to just shake the plastic eggs and listen to them rattle! Adorable!!
 Ryder's stash! Every egg is full of chocolate..all of which I have eaten....LOL
 Marty had to work Easter Monday, but it was the start of my Spring Break and the sun was shining, so we invited Ryder's buddy Asher, out to the Farm to hang with Uncle Dirt and play trucks in the arena.  Payton is in there like a dirty shirt!!

 We have also been able to play in our awesome back yard a lot now that the snow has melted and the dog poo is cleaned up (Thank you Marty!!)  It's soo cute to see Payton playing with all the toys Ryder loved at her age like this blue wagon.  She prefers to put water in it and splash around where as Ryder wanted to push it everywhere, but they both love it!
The sandbox is always a hit. Payton has a plastic spoon out there that she literally scoops up sand with and feeds herself. I have given up trying to convince her not to do this. Now I just sit and watch as she shovels spoonfuls of CLEAN (is there such a thing?) sand into her mouth!
It's also fun to spend time out front watching for the other kids to come out and play!
Ryder has created quite a little mud hole in the front too, which has provided lots of good, messy fun!

Payton is only going to be content to watch Ryder bike for so much longer. 

 For now, Payton rides (in the stroller or back pack) while Ryder rides his bike.
And of corse, Scout gets to come on all bike rides!!

When it wasn't warm enough to enjoy outdoor adventures, we made alternative plans like hanging out at the Science Center...always an adventure!

My last day of break, we attended a Birthday party. Ryder insisted on wearing his "Batman" cape and mask to the party. I love that his imagination believes this is a Batman get up even though it's red.  Kids are awesome!
 After the birthday party, we hooked up with Asher's Family and headed to a campground out int he mountains. The campgrounds arn't open yet, so it's safe to bike all over the paved roads around the campsites!
Break time!
 Potty time!
 Bumpers up!!!
 Payton riding her "bike" aka: Daddy!
 This girl ADORES her Daddy!!

Monday was Ryder's first Soccer game. I signed up to coach, though I've never played real soccer before. I love kids and and figured I could offer my kid experience to the other coach, who thankfully is alot more skilled!
 Ryder is stinkin' adorable in his soccer gear!
Now that I am finally publishing this blog it is no longer "Almost May" it is May, so I'm going to sign off and try to write another post before June!!!
Kiss your babies, count your blessings and stop all soccer games to watch helicopters whenever they pass overhead.