Thursday, 27 December 2012


For those who have been following me, on my other Blog, thank you for joining me here. I have had to start a new blog, so that I can post photos again and what better time to start than just after announcing that we are expecting little "Peanut" in April. My life will soon be that of a Mommy of two and I am excited!!! Please know that I will NOT be posting on my Canadian Blog anymore, as it is no fun to write if I can't post pics! This will be my primary Blog from now on. Welcome!! Now to make up for lost time!!!!!

I have not written since November, so I thought I'd start by posting picture highlights of the days leading up to Christmas. December was really fun this year with Ryder. He wasn't totally aware of exactly what Santa Claus meant or the tree or any of the other traditions of Christmas, but he embraced them and my enthusiasm for all of those just the same!

 We went to Heritage Park to take in the Christmas festivities there, including a hay ride!
 Ryder was intrigued by the huge model train display!

 Not quite sure of Santa.....

We busted out the finger paints one night to make some Christmas crafts. I let Ryder paint my belly too. :)

Mom had sent up an Advent Truck and on December first, I showed  Ryder all about opening the little doors to find the chocolate. I was sooo excited to "play Santa" that first night, that I made the rookie mistake of filling all the doors with chocolate. I hadn't anticipated that Ryder would open every single door, hoping to eat all 24 pieces of chocolate. Once we made it through that little misunderstanding, he really got into getting up each morning and checking for his chocolate. He'd even say, "Thank you, Santa" after unwrapping each one. :)

December first also marks, decorating day at our house!  We busted out the Christmas boxes, put on our Christmas hats and got this place ready for the holidays!!! Scout does not enjoy her hat, but as long as she is part of this family, she better slap a smile on her face and wear it. LOL

One Saturday, early in December, the weather was beautiful, so we ventured out for some Winter Family fun! We headed towards Banff, intending to take in the Santa Claus Parade at 6pm. On the way, we stopped at Heart Creek for a little hike.

 Ryder had the best seat in the house for the Santa Parade!!

 December 15th, marked the day of our annual Christmas Tree Hunt! We headed out West, into the forest in search of the "perfect for us" Christmas tree. It was bloody cold that day and the wind was biting, so our tree ended up being the, "it's too damn cold to look anymore" tree, but it ended up being perfect for us!! :)

 Ryder even got to the parking lot. :)

Even though, Ryder was really too young to understand the whole concept of "Elf on a Shelf" we started the tradition anyways.  We named our Elf, Ernie and in order to get Ryder to search for him every day, I always had Ernie bring Ryder a little (dollar store) gift.  Here's Ernie waiting on Ryder's coat hook bench with a puzzle.  It didn't take long, for Ryder to really get into looking for Ernie as soon as we walked in the door at the end of the day. He'd walk in saying, "Ernie, Ernie," totally adorable!!
The days leading up to Christmas were BUSY and filled with the craziness that always comes with the season and I loved it!! This year we were filled with anticipation of a Christmas to be spent with Aimee, Shane and Max who were going to be joining us at Mom's!  I absolutely could not wait to get Ryder and max together! It has been 9 months since they've seen each other!  It has also been 9 months since I've seen Aimee too...sooo excited!!