Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Christmas is undisputably, my favorite time of year! Everything about it makes my heart happy, but this year it was extra special. Just like with any family, whenever you can all be together, the holidays are that much more meaningful and for us, this was one of those Christmases! Aimee, Shane and Max came from Colorado to spend Christmas in Alberta! Having the three of them here, meant that our whole family (The DesRochers side) was all together! It was just like old times...except that this time our traditions included two adorable little cuties who learned to play together, chase eachother around and play "fireman" with Uncle Whee-oooo.  We decorated cookies with Grammy, we built snowmen with Auntie, we put together lego with Uncle Hoser, we wore matching jammies, sang songs too loud and ran up and down the aisles in church. It was a great, memorable time!!

I got so much joy out of watching Mom in her proud glory with her entire family in her home being loved and spoiled, but my absolute favorite was watching Max and Ryder.

 Max teaching Ryder about Thomas the Tank Engine.

 Grammy helping the boys decorate cookies...Ryder decorates more like me...less artisitc but LOTS of icing...more of it ending up being licked off fingers than on cookies. :)

 Max was much better at decorating. His cookies had a more carefully planned design. Ryder kept changing his mind on how he wanted his cookies to look. He'd lick off one design, take the knife and try something new. He only decorated a couple cookies, but each one had several coats of icing...

 Baking gingerbread!

 Uncle "Whee ooo" playing fireman with the boys!

 No one could make Ryder giggle quite like Uncle Whee Ooo

 There were lots of hugs and....kisses!! (Ryder is really affectionate, always asking for a hug, first then insisting on "kiss kiss" 

 Family photos before Church on Christmas Eve.
The Coles

 Ryder refused to put down this little mixer for the photo and he was not happy I took his "sucky" out.  Amazingly, he had the best time at church racing up and down the aisles...I was worried it was going to be an ugly hour since it started this way.....

 The Farns, happy and smiling even though neither had a sucky or a mixer! LOL
Opening Christmas Jammies from Grammy.

 Getting cookies ready to leave for Santa

Bed time story.

 The "fort" Nic and Troy built for Max!

 The kitchen, Nic built for Ryder!

 The stockings, Santa filled for everyone, including Scout, Tucker and Jasper.

Christmas morning! Santa came...look he left some cookies!!
 Christmas morning!
 Hangin with Hoser

Merry Christmas!!
 Boxes are always a hit!!

...and so are new books!

 Nic and I rockin' our new "Karma" T-shirts

Maman et moi aussi. :)

New tuque and new trucks! Life is good!!

There is always lots of outside time at Grammy's, even in the cold!

Yummmy, snow!

 Norhing like a little hay bale moving in sub 20 weather.


Frosty family

Grammy and her cuties

The snow was too cold to pack, but Auntie still mangaed to help the boys make snowmen!

The Barn is always "warmish"and we managed to get one group shot in the hay loft!
One of my favs from our time together!
Adorable new hats.

Walk in the wilderness

Wrestling in the snow!!

Napping in the sled!
The Ugly Sweater Tradition:
 Nice "digs" Aim
Troy, is that a velour turtle neck?

Ryder, fighting the "zzzs" so he can party in his sweater too...

 Hoser, that used to be yours for real, didn't it? 

 Dic, is that a sweater vest?

 The Wright Family in their ugly sweaters..yep, had to have that damn sucky...

 Ryder helping cook Boxing Day Breakie in his new apron (Thanks, Auntie Dic)


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  1. Wonderful! Building great memories for your babies.