Thursday, 7 February 2013


Yesterday was appointment day.  It was Wednesday but I took the day off work for some appointments.  Really I only needed half the day, but since our Day Home was closed, I took the whole day, so Ryder and I could hang together as he had no where else to go.

Our first appointment was at 9:20am. It was a regular monthly appointment at the Maternity Clinic to check on lil Peanut.  I always have to wait there, for what seems like a long time before actually getting to see a Doc, so it was nice to have someone to entertain to help pass the time. I can say that after the fact because Ryder was sooo good. No tantrums, no bored trouble making, just happy, fun, Ryder!
Ofcorse we brought trucks.  We lost "Po Po" (the police car) the minute I opened the door to get Ryder out of the back seat.   Po Po must have been on the floor because as soon as the door opened I heard the sound of a small metal car hitting the ice.  I caught a glimpse of it just before it disappeared under the truck.  Under the truck, on a patch of ice, way to far for me and my big belly to reach. Luckily, we had a few other trucks with us, so we could leave Po Po until after the appointment.  Once inside, I was impressed to learn I had a room I could report to right away.  Ryder and I sat in that little examining room, for at least 15 minutes before a doctor showed up, which may not seem like a big deal, but 15 minutes in an exam room with a toddler can feel like though, it wasn't too bad. We played trucks on the exam table. We parked trucks under the paper covering the table and we snuck peeks out the door to see if anyone was coming. :)

I learned from the Doc, once she finally arrived that my because my varicose veins are traveling up my legs to my unmentionables, I would need thigh high compression socks. My knee highs are not doing the job anymore.  She gave me a perscription, then sent me to the tiny pharmacy in the foyer of the clinic.  It was here in this tiny pharmacy that I realized I should have worn full coverage undies!!
Thankfully, the Pharmacist, locked up his shop for 1the ten minutes it took him to measure my legs so that he could order me the socks with the appropriate compression.  The closed doors prevented the general public from seeing my big bare white ass, however, it did not shield the Pharmacist himself, nor my son from the view! The Pharmacist's measuring tape and his fingers actually touched my bare butt cheek! Awkward!!!!!!!!!!  I was glad Ryder was there. His presence provided distraction that allowed both the Pharmacist and I something else to focus on rather than my big, veiny ass!!!

We did manage to retrieve Po Po before we left the clinic, but I did have to move the truck in order to get it. :)  WE hit up Starbucks on the way home as a reward for Ryder's awesome behaviour and because I needed a small java jolt!

After Ryder's afternoon nap, we took Scout to the Vet for her yearly check up.  The Vet's was a great place for Ryder! He got to pet puppies, he even learned to ask: "pet him?" before actually petting the strange dogs.  He got to listen to Scout's heart beat with a stethoscope and he got to sing and yell to himself through his reflection in the window!  Adorable!!

I told Ryder, Scout was feeling nervous and scared. He didn't hesitate, he just leaned right over to give her a giant hug..empathy? I think so!!!

Tomorrow is Friday. Ryder will spend the day with Marty.  Thanks to a lot of team work between Marty and I, some great friends, Marty's flexible job, and me being technically done work at 3pm, we have almost made it through this crazy week of no Day Home (the day home provider is in Disneyland!)
I will be glad when things go back to normal next week...oh wait, they won't! I am off to Quebec for the week with the gr.7s and 8's!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and wear full coverage undies to the Doc, even if you are not PLANNING on taking your pants off!!!

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