Sunday, 24 February 2013


Peanut is due to arrive in 8 weeks! I have already begun "nesting." All the newborn and 0-3 month clothes are washed and tucked into was possible to get them into drawers because we have finaly moved Ryder's dresser/change table into the nursery and got him his own "big boy" furniture, including a brand new car bed!!

By the time I got home from Quebec, Marty had moved all of Ryder's "baby furniture" (dresser, crib, rocking chair) across the hall, into what used to be his office, and had put together Ryder's brand new bed.  He surprised both Ryder and I Friday night with the bed and brand new sheets and duvet. And that's how Ryder ended up in his Big Boy bed for the first time.  He sure was excited, running and bouncing all of his bed.  He could slide off the bed all by himself, but he couldn't quite get up on top of it by himself.  I was nervous about his actually staying in his bed all night, but...he did!!! Ryder's always been good at going to bed at night, so I was glad to see this new bed hadn't affected that, however, nap time was going to be more challenging.  Saturdays and Sundays, we put him down for an afternoon nap, the rest of the week he sleeps in a pack and play at his Day Home for his naps.  Saturday, Marty tried to put his down for his nap, but because Auntie Nic was visiting, Ryder was too excited to sleep. He kept talking about Auntie, Auntie, Auntie. Finally, Marty gave up and we sent Nic upstairs to read him a story.  I waited downstairs, for Nic to come back to have lunch with me....after what felt like forever, I went up there to see what the heck was going on....both Nic and Ryder were fast asleep on the new car bed, curled up together!!! I hadn't been expecting that or I would have taken a pic!! Adorable!! They slept like that for 2 hours!  A successful nap in his brand new bed! Eventually, we brought up a small stool so that Ryder could climb onto his bed by himself, which he loved to do! On and off, on and off!

Saturday night, Ryder slept good in his bed again, but he still wakes up early!!! Now I just crawl into bed with him and try to get him to go back to sleep at least until the clock has a 6 at the beginning of it.  He's usually too excited to tell me all about the "big bumps" he goes over in his car bed all night. Sunday, he fully nap striked.  I put him in his bed, he was sooo tired after a morning trip to the zoo, but he just couldn't settle down.  I left him climbing out of his bed. He banged on the door a few times but eventually, all was quiet.  After I thought he'd had plenty of time to fall asleep, I opened his door out of curiosity, I wanted to know if he'd gone to sleep in his bed, or just curled up on the floor....turned out neither! He was playing trucks!!!!! We tried again an hour later, but he just didn't want to have a nap, I guess....All week, bedtime was mostly successful.  Only a couple of nights, did he get out after I'd kissed him Goodnight. He banged on the door and hollered (broke my heart, but I rode it out, making myself give him 5 minutes before going to the rescue.) Everytime, he crawled back into bed and was asleep by the time I went back up! Yay!!! Only once did he fall out...well, I am assuming he fell out. I heard a big "thud" one "wahhhh" and then the next thing I knew, Ryder was standing in our room clutching his blankie, looking confused. I took him back to his bed (4:30am) and crawled in with him for the rest of the night...well unitl 6am anyway, then it was time to start our day!!

Marty put Ryder down for his nap yesterday (Saturday) and he was asleep before the story was done.  Here's hoping nap time goes as smoothly for me today. :)

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and watch your babies sleep if you get the chance!

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