Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Over the course of his one hour bike ride, Ryder stopped twice. Ok, that's not true, he stopped several times. He had to pick flowers, ask, "Mom, what's that?" a million times while pointing at some random stain on the sidewalk and have a water break, but he stopped twice to lick the sidewalk. Yep, that's right, he threw down his bike, kneeled on the ground, bent his helmeted head right down and licked the pavement! Like what? Why the hell was he licking the pavement? I asked him. I said, no, I yelled, "Ryder!! Can you please tell me why you are licking the sidewalk???" His response: "nope." Gross!!! I informed him that dogs poop on the sidewalk. He stopped licking, but I am not one hundred percent convinced he wont lick more gross stuff! I wish I could get into his little red head sometimes so I could figure out what he's thinking!!

I was bathing Peanut and Ryder was "helping." He noticed she was peeing in the tub and he hollers, "Mom, she's pissing!" Ummm, what? My two year old says "pissing" now? Good grief! I am really gonna have to clean up my language!! 

After Peanut was in bed, Ryder and I went outside to clean up the yard. He suddenly declared that he could hear Peanut crying, ofcorse he didn't, but he was insistent.  On our way into the house, he says: "hold on little dolly wolly, we're coming." This made my heart melt. This is exactly how I talk when Peanut is crying. 

Just before Ryder's bath, I asked him to go potty so he wouldn't pee in the tub. He lost his ever loving mind!!! He screamed and wailed and rolled around like I was asking him to cut off his arm!! The only tantrums he had today were when I asked him to go pee. I know he has to go. I can tell by his manerisms, I can tell by how much he's had to drink and I can tell by how long it's been since the last time he went, yet every single time he throws a ginormous fit! God, I wish I could get inside his head so I'd understand why me not wanting him to piss his pants (ooops, see there's the piss word again) is such a bad thing!!! Tomorrow, I am not going to ask him to go at all. I wanna see what will happen...maybe we'll have a tantrum free day!!!! Here's hoping!!

Playing while Peanut jolly jumps
 splash park!
 My little helpers

Making mud pies!!

Peanut's personality really has been emerging too. In all my pics she looks grumpy. Her resting face is a bitch face for sure, but that's only because she has such heavy heavy cheeks. Inside she is smiling, I'm telling ya!!! She giggles and coos and draws us all into her sweet little chubby cheeked grin!

She's not actually jumping yet, but she's loving her upright view of the world!
 Starting to rock the exosaucer!
 Trying to sit up. She can, with a little help.
 This is her loving being outside. I know you can't tell, but it's only the heavy cheeks that are keeping that smile from her lips!
 She is the picture of health!!

There it is! I saved the best for last!! Her smile! Isn't it beautiful???

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and don't try to figure out two year olds, they are a breed of their own!!!

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  1. What all of us parents wouldn't give to get inside these little heads!!!

    I think you should definitely not ask Ryder about the potty and let him pee his pants a few times... maybe that will help him realize that it is much easier to stop for a second and pee than to have to stop for much longer to clean up, change clothes and still have to go to the potty. Another friend of mine whose son was hating the potty also had him help clean up all the messes... scrub the pee on the floor, put his laundry away, etc... he definitely did not like that and quickly figured out the potty wasn't as bad as not going!