Wednesday, 21 August 2013


I didn't even realize that Ryder knew about boobs. The first time I learned what he knew, I was tucking him into bed. Peanut was 3 weeks old and she was downstairs with Marty. Ryder and I could hear her crying. Ryder was worried. "Mom, you have to go feed Peanut." I assured him that it was ok, "Daddy is going to feed her tonight." Ryder was upset and confused. "Daddy can't do it, he has no boobs!" I laughed and laughed but seriously, I couldn't believe how he had made the connection between Mommy and boobs and Daddy not having any. 
Now, if you ask Ryder, "what does Peanut eat?" He always answers matter of factly: Boobs!  He's right. That's all Peanut will eat...well obviously, the milk from my boobs.  We discovered this last week when I went out with some girlfriends to a concert. I left Marty with three bags of pumped milk and a bottle. I was gone for 8 hours. Peanut did not eat anything. She screamed and cried and wailed, but she refused to take the bottle. Eventually, my clever hubby found a medicine dropper and proceeded to squirt milk into Peanut's lil mouth.  To his credit, Marty never once mentioned to me the troubles he was having with Peanut while I was out. He wanted me to enjoy my first big night out since Peanut was born. I was worried the whole time anyway, it's hard not to think about your baby all the time when your boobs are swelling and milk is letting down every couple of hours.  When I got home and heard about Marty's night, my heart broke. It broke for my poor stressed out baby and it broke for Marty who tried so hard to comfort her. 
With Ryder, we were sooo dedicated to pumping and giving him one bottle a day from the time he was three weeks old. We did the same with Peanut when she turned three weeks old, but eventually (like after 2 weeks) we got lazy, or busy or both, but we stopped. Secretly, I just figured she'd take a bottle no problemo since Ryder always had, but it turns out, that unless you keep her in the habit, she won't.  
I honestly don't care that much... I know that by October Peanut will be starting solids which will make it easier for me to leave her, but in the mean time, she and I will be sticking close to one another. 

Here she is sticking close to Scout.

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and if she wants boobs, give her boobs!

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  1. I think I also remember Ryder saying, "Auntie doesn't have boobs." Thanks, Ryder. He is nothing if not observant. hahaha!