Wednesday, 8 January 2014


We finally had Christmas at Mom's. It was over a week late, but it's amazing how it's possible to just shut the door, hide inside, surround yourself with Christmas decorations, baking and traditions and make it actually feel like it really is Christmas!!!
I love having Christmas at Mom's, the memories and tradtiions run so deep there! I walk in the door and know exactly what decorations will be hanging, what candies will be overflowing out of dishes and what goodies will be spread across the counters! I LOVE THAT!!!
We havn't seen Mom since October so it was great to soak up some big hugs and show off the kids!  Seeing Nic is always fun and at Christmas we both turn into big kids again, laughing, singing and dancing in the kitchen like we did when we were little!

And now that there are cell phone cameras we can capture all of our silliness in a shamless number of "selfies" LOL

"Christmas Eve," Marty went down to tuck Ryder in.  After a long time, I went downstairs to see what was taking so long and this is the heart warming scene I came upon. I didn't even wake them up with my camera flash. Adorable!!! They were both sound asleep!!!
 Ryder was up BRIGHT AND EARLY the next morning full of all the excitement I was hoping he would have on "Christmas morning." He clearly was not sick this time!! We got everyone out of bed, let Grammy feed the horses and then we started opening gifts.  Such fun!!!! Ryder got several trucks (just what he wanted) and Payton got lots of clothes (just what Mommy wanted.) :)

Here's Ryder playing with his new trucks in a bowl of snow in his new jammies. It was way too stinkin cold to be outside, but he insisted on having snow for his new trucks to get stuck in!
 Playing with new playdough stuff and Auntie
 Modeling some of her new clothes
 New "Farm clothes!" Loving both Ryder's new long johns and the awesome Carharts!!
 How cute is she????
 "Christmas" cuddles with Daddy
 "Christmas" cuddles with Grammy
It was "Christmas" afterall, so a big dinner was in order. We went untraditional with steak and Mom even busted out the deep fryer and we made real french fries! Real deep fried goodness!!! Heck, we even whipped up some beer batter and deep fried onion and chocolate too!! Yummmmy!
 Peanut didn't have steak, but she enjoyed some leftover chilli and peas!

It was January 4th, 2014, but it sure felt like December 25th!
Merry Christmas...again! :)

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and remember it isn't the date that makes it Christmas!

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  1. Always fun to celebrate with the Wrights :)