Sunday, 16 February 2014


I cannot believe it's February already!! Payton is almost one year old!! Seriously, it's crazy how fast time flies!
Ryder is finishing up his last month of pre school. Both kids will go to a Day Home once I go back to work. He has become obsessed with planes and makes them out of lego all the time.  He has a very specific way he holds these planes (and insists that all others playing with the planes do too) before he races laps around the kitchen and living room (hoping we are chasing him with the planes he makes for us,) making very loud plane noises.  It's a game he LOVES!
We've also started taking him skiing.  He loves going fast and has yet to learn to "pizza," turn or stop, so Marty and I take turns catching him or running beside him on the bunny hill. At least he wears his helmet!! :)

Payton's personality is emerging and I am sure she is going to be just as stubborn and strong willed as her brother. She is obsessed with "finger walking," "furniture surfing" and stairs! She can crawl and will do so whenever she runs out of furniture to "surf" in order to get to the stairs. All roads lead to the stairs for Payton! She has started clapping and waving and has even taken a few steps on her own! 
She still hates traveling in cars and will scream and cry until you release her from her car seat prison.  She screams whether it's a 10 minute car ride or a 3 hour one!  This makes going anywhere stressful and exhausting, but we can't stay home forever.  Once we arrive at our destination though, Payton is always happy and a great sport. She will sit in her little red sled and watch Ryder toboggan or ski in the freezing cold without complaining at all.

Scout continues to enjoy all the benefits of living with a baby learning to eat solids.  She has mastered the art of catching mashed avocado, smashed bananas and squished sweet potatoes before they even hit the floor.   She isn't afraid to snatch treats from any toddler or infant who happens to abandon a snack in a location she can easily reach. 

Marty and I continue to soak up every magical moment associated with being the parents of small children and do our best to survive the less magical ones.  Every now and then we manage to have a couple hours to ourselves and we soak those up too!!

Before Christmas we booked a house in Panorama on the ski hill with two other Families for February.  The big weekend came and it was freeeeezing cold!!! We went anyway and we made the most of our time on the mountain, but we all froze!! I guess that's part of being Canadian, right? LOL

Freezing or not, we got the kids on their skis.
 They "ripped it up!"
 Ryder will not wear his goggles skiing yet, but he loves to wear them inside!
 The best part of going on a weekend ski trip with other families is that we all took turns skiing and we all took turns watching the kids. WE took turns making dinner, we took turns doing dishes and we took turns reading stories to the little ones.  We relaxed in the hot tub once the kids finally went to bed and we enjoyed some wine and junk food. It was a great weekend!
 We've had a few cold snaps this month but we can't stay in the house forever.  We have learned to bundle up, be tough and to enjoy the warming benefits of hot chocolate!!

 Payton is one tough little Canadian

Like I said, it's been cold here. Really cold. The kids and I were going crazy here, so we decided to take an impromptu trip to Mom's just to "mix it up" a little.  We showed up three hours after I called to let Mom know we were coming. Payton screamed the second half of the trip, which is exactly what I was afraid was going to happen and why I have been so reluctant to travel up to Mom's on my own (it's easier to manage Payotn's crying when there are two adults in the vehical) but we survived the trip and spent two full days with Grammy. 

WE even got to see Nic one afternoon for
some sledding!

We missed Valentine's Day with Marty, but Grammy spoiled the kids with cookie baking clothes (Love Payton's pink jeggings,) chocolate and suckers.

Marty spoiled me with flowers and a steak dinner, complete with chocolate covered strawberries when we arrived back the day after Valentine's day.  I am one lucky woman!!!

The weather is warming up a little and we can't wait to have warmer adventures outside!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and share some chocolate with someone you love today!

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