Sunday, 2 February 2014


Damn, every time I blink a month or two or three have gone by!! Ever since Ryder stopped napping and I've been introduced to Netflicks, I can't seem to get any writing done. Today though, I am kicking my Netflicks habit (TV is ridiculously addicting and I'm tired of being a lazy butt!) and I am getting back to doing things I used to do before I was too tired to do anything...does any of this make sense? Probably not because, as it turns out I'm still crazy tired (my ten month old is still not sleeping through the night because I cannot bear to give up our middle of the night nursing sessions.....) Anyway, I will not let a little fatigue stop me from writing all kinds of run on sentences, randomly punctuated with exclamation marks...on second thought, I'm just going to post a bunch of pics instead!

Payton is growing and on the move. She can "furniture surf" like a champ and when she gets as far as she can by grabbing onto things, Scout included, she drops to her knees and crawls the rest of the way to where she wants to go.  She  does not like to sit still, but she will spend a considerable amount of time emptying bins. Bins of markers, bins of baby toys, bins of legos, bins of trucks...perfect entertainment!  She is not a cuddler, much to my dismay. Ryder was and still is a big cuddler. He loves to hug and be held. NOt Payton!! The minute I pick her up she is reaching back towards the floor. She has magnets to rip of the fridge and legos to try to eat!!
 Scout and I still try to carve out time together, but honestly, Scout doesn't get the same kind of attention she used to....I do feel bad about that.
 One of Scout's favorite places to hang out is "The Farm" where we keep Uncle Dirt. We try to take her there every week at least once.  Ryder is becoming quite a little horse lover.  Look how big he looks brushing Uncle Dirt!

 Payton loves Dirt too. She loves to sit on him and hang out underneath his nose while he eats his oats (he is good about sharing with both her and Scout.)

 We have been trying to get out for adventures on the weekends as a Family. Last weekend we went to the zoo! Payton does NOT want to be in the stroller. She does NOT want to be carried. She wants to WALK!!!

I have struggled this entire Maternity Leave with meeting the needs of both kids at the same time. If Payton gets both her naps, that means Ryder and I have to stay home. If I want to get Ryder out on an adventure that means Payton either skips her nap or has to try to nap on the go. I try to balance out how often each of them gets the "short end of the stick" but it's tough. Winter is tough. Being home and inside all day with an almost three year old who refuses to nap, but in reality still needs one at least every other day, is tough....but it's almost Spring, and then I'll have to go back to work and then I'll be missing these long afternoons in the house with my little ones!!!

In an effort to offer something fun and new to entertain (quietly) Ryder, we brought up the huge bin of Lego, Marty's Dad had saved for him. This stuff is 30 years old at least, but Lego is Lego and Ryder was super excited to open the bin and finds some of the things that Marty had built as a kid still in tact. (Marty was also super pumped to find things he remembered building!)

This is a crane and a boat and boat trailer Marty built a LONG time ago!
 Here's the bin of Lego Marty had as a kid!
 This is a truck Marty built as a kid.
 This is part of a castle and a bunch of lego people and horses. All a part of Marty's collection.
 I guess I didn't take any pics of all of Marty's planes that he had built, but they were Ryder's favorite! Inspired by Marty's complicated designs, Ryder has since built several of his own, simpler versions.
 Tonight, while watching the Superbowl, Marty helped Ryder build a "Landcruiser" This was Marty's first big Lego project since rediscovering his "stash." OMG! They both sat here, completely focused, ignoring both Payton and I for what felt like hours!!

The Lego discovery has been a blessing and a curse! Of course now, Ryder only wants to play with this little Lego that is harder for him to put together himself, which is fine.  He plays rough though and sometimes he can't quite snap all the pieces together tight enough so when he is racing around the house "flying" his planes and they break, or he trips and they smash on the floor and break apart a melt down always ensues....good times!

January 27th, Payton turned 10 months old! 10 MONTHS!!!!!! She is adorable, full of energy and determination to keep up to her big brother! 

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and turn off the TV sometimes at night, no matter how tired you are.......

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  1. You are just too busy being fabulous to notice the time passing ;). Can't wait to squeeze some cheeks and get some lovin' from these little guys in a couple weeks!