Sunday, 6 April 2014


April 2nd was Marty's Birthday. It fell right in the middle of my first week back to work. I'd had no time, no paycheck and no sleep for a whole year, but I needed to muster some so that we could celebrate "Daddy."  Even though, Marty and I had already decided to celebrate both our Birthdays together at the end of the month (after I get paid and our Family gets comfortable in our new routine) but I wanted to do something so that Ryder and Payton could celebrate Daddy too....

Ryder picked out a Hockey story book to wrap up as a gift for Daddy and he and Payton helped me pick some Donuts at Tim Horton's to bring home for a Birthday surprise treat.  Ryder was so excited to stick a candle in the sprinkle donut. We sang at the top of our lungs and helped Daddy open his cards and gift.

Marty's Birthday was a highlight in a busy week!  Being back at work after a wonderful year at home with my babies, was a harsh reality.  Don't get me wrong going back to the school was actually kinda fun...but I did miss my own lil ones and I'm still not used to the fact that I only get to see my own kids for 3 or 4 hours before they go to bed...but Spring Break is only 2 weeks away and my first pay check in a year is only 3 weeks away!!!

When I get paid, we can go to Costco again!! I freaking love that place!!

These are the two faces I miss all day while I'm at work!

Finally, the sun came out to play!!! We spent the entire morning on our patio watching Payton eat sand, splash in the puddles and wobble around in her rubber boots.  We laughed at Ryder who was sooo happy to have his sandbox open again!


We even busted out Ryder's birthday bike, though he is reluctant to give up his "Run bike." He's not sure about pedals, but we convinced him to give it a whirl!
 Payton changed outfits at least 10 times today. She kept finding ways to get covered in sand and water. She even dumped the entire dog water dish on herself. She was so proud and just sat there splashing around in it...I love my messy lil raggamuffin!

Look at this happy little cutie pie!!

Life as we know it is changing around here, now that I'm back at work. Here's hoping I get better at balancing I better get to bed, it's Monday tomorrow!!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and go ahead, eat some sand, drink from the dog dish...toddlers do it all the time!! LOL

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