Wednesday, 16 April 2014


I LOVE this picture! How could I not? Ryder is smiling.
He's so stinkin' happy here and when he's happy, he's soooo much fun!!

Unfortunately ever since Marty took a raisin from the box after helping Ryder open it, (that's right, I'm gonna totally blame Marty, not the fact that Ryder is an irrational three year old,) the smiles have been upside down in frowns more frequently than usual.
Ok, if I'm being honest, the frowns are more like open mouthed, high pitched instruments that never stop being played at top volume.  The song is one that is on repeat. One you wish you could turn off. One that is NOT happy!! 
Ah, the melt down...Ryder is mastering it, however as he gets better at his epic melt downs, We seem to be running out of strategies to effectively handle them...if there is such a thing. I take solace in the memory that when Ryder turned two the meltdowns were frequent (and often kinda funny, to Marty and I, though we never let Ryder know that) but they ended after a few short months. He seemed to have given up melt downs for a while...then Marty took the raisin and things have not been the same since! Ha ha! Ofcorse I know it's not Marty or the raisin that caused the frequency of tantrums to increase, it's the fact that Ryder turned three and he has red hair! ha ha!!  At least that's what I thought the problem was...then we discovered that he had a huge, gross skin infection under the band aid he refused to take off for weeks! Ummm ewwwww! Thank goodness Grampa discovered that. Now I'd like to think all this crankiness has been due to his poor little body fighting infection...except his on medication and the tantrums have not fully stopped.....

Anyway, I am days away from Spring Break and am so looking forward to regrouping. :)
In between tantrums (mostly they happen in the evenings, isn't that what they call the "Witching Hour?) we've had a lot of fun, despite me being back at work!

We've done some biking.
 He has a pedal bike but still prefers his "strider bike"
We've been enjoying meal times though still no teeth!
 After dinner hair!
 It snowed today, but the sun has shone a little bit, so we've had some adventures outside.
 Payton follows Ryder everywhere!
 Grampa came to visit and he brought a Super Hero Cape from he and GG!

We started gymnastics..unparented!!! Ryder wore his cape there ofcorse!
 We've played in the yard!

And, thankfully, Grampa discovered this gross skin infection under Ryder's beloved band aid!!  I took him to the walk in clinic (it was a Sunday) and now he's taking medicine. This wasn't one of the fun things, but we got donuts after the doctor's and that was fun!
I hope the meds clear this up, it sure stinks and looks awful. Doesn't seem to bother Ryder at all though, thank God!  
Here's hoping once his lil body is done fighting this infection, he'll be a much happier kid, like he used to be!! :)

It's been a rough month. Lots of changes in routine, but we are slowly adjusting and figuring out just how we are going to make all of this work!!

In a month where our city has seen it's worst Mass murder ever (5 college kids stabbed to death) I can appreciate that tantrums are minor and I am soooo greatful to only have that to deal with. I will take tantrums over any of the other more serious issues we could be dealing with! Thank you, God!!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and remember: this too shall pass!


  1. Oh tantrums!! We have all been there... Carson has also mastered them!! My favourites are the epic public ones where I have to abandon a full cart of groceries and carry him out under my arm! Good times. Luckily they seemed to have settled down a bit now that he is approaching three! Like anything, they tend to go in waves!
    Hope his finger is feeling better soon, and your little superhero is back to his normal happy self!!

  2. Kiss your babies, count your blessings, and remember to take off bandaids before they foster nastiness captured in photos that make my stomach turn...!