Friday, 22 May 2015


May long weekend we took a road trip to...Vancouver! I took one extra day off work so that we'd have enough time to drive and play.  We left Friday after Marty was done work and arrived in Kelowna to sleep at Gramp and GG's house at 11:30pm.  Marty and I had a quick visit, but we were exhausted and eager to hit the hay ourselves.  We woke in the am and after a quick visit and some good hugs, we piled back in the car and headed to Abbottsford where we hooked up with Marty's cousin and her Family.  OMG!! Ryder had the BEST time ever playing with the boys!!! He was in heaven!! (His daily life he's surrounded by girls. His day home is full of them, so this boy time was a real special treat!)  Payton had the best time keeping up with them and they were soooo awesome about including her in the fun!

 Sure wish we could see these guys more often!!! The day of fun ended too quickly, but boy did everyone sleep soundly after all that keeping up with the big kids!!!!  In the morning, once we'd woken everyone up extra early, we headed into Surrey. 
 We did stop for breakfast at a diner, cause road trip pancakes are awesome!!!!!!

In Surrey, we visited Marty's "Papa." He was surprised and happy to see us!! We also wish we could see him a lot more.  Hope he knows we think about him all the time!  
 After a great visit with Papa, we completed our drive by ending up in Vancouver at Marty's cousin Alexis' house!  Her family took us on an afternoon adventure that included a ride on the sky train and sea taxi!! Lots of fun memories made!

Waiting for the sea taxi!
 Snack break!
 Feeding the ducks.

 After our afternoon adventure we went to Marty's Gramma's house where the entire family gathered for a huge meal all at one table (love that) of Chinese Take out! Yummmm!!! It was so great to see the whole family and to catch up with people we love but do not get to see often enough!! After a dessert of DQ, the kiddos went to bed and Marty and I got to listen to Gramma tell stories about the past.  Such precious time well spent! :)

In the morning, Alexis' family took us down to Kits Beach after we had said all of our good-byes to the Aunts and Gramma.  We were hoping to wear out our kiddos before stuffing them back in the car for the long drive.

 Payton was fearless when it came to the water. She just kept running in! Falling down, laughing, running! Sooo stinkin' cute!

 Awesome memories made with awesome family!

 We spent Monday night, after our beach morning in Vancouver, with grampa and GG back in Kelowna.  WE had a wonderful, short visit.  So greatful to have that as a half wayish point.  We were there such a short time that I didn't get any pics!!!!  We slept well, though never long enough, ha!  We were on the road by 8:30am.  We stopped a few times on the way home, once at a beautiful beach!  Bye bye sunshine and beaches!!
After several LONG hours in the car, we made it back home safe and sound, thanks to Marty's driving!!! Payton still isn't the best traveler but she's getting better and to her credit, she didn't have one single Pee or Poop accident the entire time.  Infact, she even told us when she had to poop and did so in a gas station, Tim Hortons and on the grass beside an outhouse that was "too scary mommy" to actually poop in!! LOL  I am sooo proud of her!!!
Bring on Summer road trips!!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and take your family, screamers, poopers and all on road trips, it's where memories are made!

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