Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Ahhh!! Time flies!! Feel like we just got over the flu (Thank God) and it was Mother's Day!! I always feel ill prepare for Mother's Day, like I want to get my Mom something super meaningful, and I intend to, and then the day creeps up on me and I find myself (along with everyone else) in the super market buying a hanging basket (not a bad gift at all,) just not quite what I always think I want to get her.  My mom means more to me than I ever seem to be albe to convey, but somehow hope she knows (mother's always get the short end of the stick this way, don't they,) everyone always jsut assumes "Mom will understand how crazy life is, after all, she had kids too" but it just doesn't seem fair!! Even now, I'm dying to dedicate this blog post to my mom. To tell her story and how she has impacted my life, yet I'm writing from work (it's almost 8pm) cause it's the only place I have reliable internet and I have been working here since school ended and I am exhausted!!! I have pics to upload of the fun Mother's Day weekend (at least we spent part of it with my Mom) so instead of writing some kick ass words about a super important woman in my life, I'm going to post pics of my kids, cause after all I am a Mother too and I have lots of pics of my kids, whom are also, obviously super important to me!!! :) 

We left for Mom's house Friday after work.  We go there in time hang out for a couple hours, go to bed and get up to take the kids to the Mother's Day horse show to be in the lead line class.  This was the same Mother's Day show I used to show in myself. The show has been happening for 30 years, (well, next year it will be the 30th anniversary!) Having my kids be in the same show I rode in was pretty special to me. Payton even rode on the same horse Nic used to show in that same show on!!!!  My good friend, Andrea, who also used to show with us in the same show was going to be there too!!!!  To Mom, Nic, Andrea and I this was a pretty special day.  The kids loved it too.  Marty? I'm not sure he totally understood the whole concept, but he is always a good sport and ever so patient.  :)

We had time in the morning, to groom our steeds.  Ryder is brushing Maverick (yep, he's standing on a stool)
 The kids were amped to get their numbers!
 Marty, being a good sport!
 Ryder, in the ring. I'm sooo proud! Mom is leading and I am walking beside him (it's a requirement to have two handlers per horse for this class)
 Payton on Bobby. Nic is leading and my good friend Andrea, is walking beside Payton.
 Ribbons!!! Everyone got first place!!
Happy friends, reliving memories!
 Everyone got first place and a stick horse!!!
We left right after the lead line class, though Mom stayed to volunteer at the show. We had a 30th birthday party to get to and then a 5km walk/run to do the next day!
The birthday party was for Marty's buddy's wife. They've acquired a new home and had a baby since the last time we saw them, so our visit there was special too.  The kids had a blast playing with all of the other kids and Marty and I actually got to enjoy some social time together.  Eventually, though, meltdowns started and we had to get our tired little angels home to bed, afterall they had a race the next day!!!  
We got up early, loaded the chariot into the car and Marty drove us downtown.  Ever since I have become a Mom, I've participated in the Sport Check Mother's day run.  Some years I've actually run (ok, once, but I had Ryder in the chariot and it was not an easy feat to keep him in there while I ran) but most years, I walk. I walk 5km with a couple other Moms and their kids. We walk, so we can visit. We walk so our kids can participate with us and we walk so it can be a leisurely, enjoyable experience for all of us. :)  It always is!
Here's our 2015 crew right before the race began.
Here are me and the kiddos, ready for a "race" adventure!
 Both Ryder, Payton and their little buddy had to pee on a bush during the race. I'm actuallyu really proud of Payton's ability to just squat anywhere. :)

Ryder at the 4km mark. Almost done, one more km to go!  He walked the whole thing, minus a 3 minute ride with Payton in the chariot (she DID NOT like him in there with her.  Payton on the other hand, sat happily (shocking I know) in the chariot munching on a bag of trail mix I had packed. The bag was supposed to feed all of the kids, but because it kept her quiet, I let her chow down...for 5 whole kilometers! LOL
 After the race, we went home for naps, while Marty and one of the other Dads went to our old house to take down and move our "club house" out to the Sunshine Ranch! The kids are sooooo happy to have it back in our own yard!!
 After we got home from school Monday, Ryder couldn't wait to get out to the clubhouse!!! I was slow to get out to the back yard, but when I did, I found that Ryder had helped Payton up onto the Dusty swing and he was happily pushing her. He is the best big brother ever!! Ever!

 After dinner that day, the two of them made yummy dirt chocolate dessert....yummm?

It was a great weekend and it's been a great week...well it's almost over.  We are staring down the barrel of a long weekend road trip adventure to visit Marty's family!!! Ryder is crazy excited!!!!!  It's actually all he can talk about! I love this kid!!! 

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and pretend eat as much chocolate dirt dessert as you can!

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  1. It was such a joyful day. It was an honor to be part of the party.