Friday, 1 March 2013


I cannot believe that Ryder is almost two!!  In 19 days, he will be officially a "Two Year Old!" I know it's cliche, but it really is hard to remember life before him.  I certainly cannot remember not being tired! LOL
Lately, it's been hard to ignore the fact that Ryder is turning into more of a "boy" and less of a "baby." He is talking more and more. He continues to name every truck, car, city bus, school bus and van we pass along with it's color.  He is not afraid to yell from the back seat, "hey car go!" If a car is infront of us (he is already picking up my road rage, thank God, I keep my rage PG when he is with least most of the time.)   It amazes me that he has a memory like he does.  There were scarecrows at the entrance to our community in the fall.  Everyday as we drove past, Ryder would say, "hi Scarecrows." Then one day, they were gone.  He started saying, "no scarecrows."  I explained that maybe there would be reindeer in a few weeks (I was expecting them to put up something for the Christmas season, but nothing ever got put up.)  Every day, Ryder continued to say, "no scarecrows" when we got to that spot, then he started adding, "no scarecrows, no reindeer" and he still says it every time we drive by!!! 
Marty drove over rumble strips on the side of the highway last weekend and Ryder started laughing and laughing, saying, "Van tooted!!!"  Yep, he has a sense of humor!!!  Tonight was the first time he ever "stalled" before bed time.  We had gone for a walk after dinner, once in the house he asked for a drink of water. I gave him a cup and he took it over to his play kitchen drinking it like he'd never had water before. When he finally put the cup down and started playing, I asked if he was ready to go upstairs, he picked the cup back up, saying, "still drinking mommmy, still drinking." Hilarious! He kept saying it until finally the cup was empty and he had no more excuse.  Sooo cute (at least for now.) 
Ryder, like his Auntie Dic, loves to spontaneously burst into song. Often I wake up to him singing in the morning from his bed. His songs range from The Wheels on the Bus (his fav) to "Always a Good time" to the Lumineers "Ho Hey" to Taylor Swift "Never Ever" to "This Girl is on Fire"  Last weekend, he even came up with lyrics to his own song (this was the first time I'd heard him do this.) He had been given a plastic ziplock bag full of playdough at a friend's house. On the way home I told him he couldn't open it, but he could hold on to it.  Wasn't long before, coming from the back seat, I heard him singing (there was a definite tune) these words: "Open the playdough, open the playdough, open the playdough, open the playdough!"  Then just recently he's added his own verse to The Wheels on the Bus.  He likes to sing (I never once gave him this idea, it is his own) "The truck on the bus goes vroom, vroom vroom." 
Ok, I am totally that Mom bragging, thinking my kid is the smartest, most adorable one out there, but that's what Mom's get to do right??  Actually, I just want to write this all down so I don't forget it.  All of these things make me smile, so I want to remember them forever!!  Speaking of smiling. Do you know the highlight of my day??? Knocking on the door of the Day HOme and hearing, before the door is open Ryder's little voice yelling with excitement, "Mommy, mommy, mommmy" That along with his quick little footsteps erases any stress I am carrying from work and fills my heart and head with nothing but happiness and love....then he gets into the carseat and wines for juice all the way home....Ha hahaha
Ofcorse with every diaper change, I am reminded that yes, he is still my lil baby, but pretty soon there will be another little baby and "Baby Ryder" will become "Big Boy Ryder" and Peanut will be the new "Baby."
 Still loves to "help" with dishes.
 Always has a truck or "Po po" (the police car) with him wherever he goes.
 He likes to set Po po down and say, "Po Po parking Mommy."
Stalling before bed time...still soo cute!
Kiss your babies, count your blessings and try to enjoy every stage from baby to beyond!

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  1. I will spontaneously burst into song with that little guy any day :)