Saturday, 27 April 2013


I had no idea that a two year old was so much fun. 
I am a baby person. I love babies, teeny, tiny babies, but that was before I had a two year old. I never really understood how much fun a two year old was until I had one!! Don't get me wrong, I am still a baby person. I love babies, especially mine, but I am no longer worried that when she gets older, she won't be as fun. I see now, that every age, every stage is truly just as fun as the last!
Ryder is turning into a little boy. I know his personality is still developing and will for the next 100 years, but I wanted to write some things down about right now, so that we wont' forget some of his early tendencies.....there are ugly ones, like tantruming sometimes and yelling "no Daddy!" alot, but I prefer to focus on the sweet tendencies he has, like yesterday, at the coffee shop. 
I bought him his own slice of banana bread as a little treat. He sat up at the table and without any prompting or anything (i had my own treat) he broke off a piece of his bread, held his hand out towards me and said, "Mommy, have this peice?" He was sharing!!! After I accepted, he offered my friend and her little boy a piece too. I was so proud of him for being so kind.  
The other day, at the park his little friend's sister wouldn't let James, play, so he sat down and started crying. Ryder stopped playing with the sister, went back to James, hugged him and asked him to, "come, come James!" He's starting to show compassion!  

Peanut doesn't cry too much yet, but when she does, Ryder gets very concerned and wants to put her soother in her mouth. He's actually mastering it and when he manages to get it into her mouth, "gently" he is soo excited that he helped make her feel better. He's great at including Peanut in all our activities, always telling her exactly what we are doing, "going to Walmart, Peanut. Coloring Peanut, having lunch Peanut." Lastnight, he announced that he wanted to "have shower." This was his first solo shower (by solo, I mean without Marty IN the shower with him.) I helped him soap up and washed his hair, but he stood there in the tub with the shower on all by himself. Our shower head doesn't come off the wall, so he truly had his OWN shower!!!  He got out of the tub and I could barely get him wrapped in a towel before he was running to Peanut's room to tell her, "Had shower Peanut! Had shower!!!"  It's actually sruprised me, how willing he is to include Payton in everything, including bed time routine and stories.  He loves having her come in his "car bed" to listen to stories and when the stories are over and we are turning off the light to lie down, he always wants to hold her.  I lay her down on his chest for a minute, or until he says "too heavy," but every night, he requests it.
Ryder loves to play trucks beside Peanut on the's all good as long has he remembers NOT to drive trucks on her face, he does that from time to time. LOL

These are the moments that make my heart melt, the moments that make the other moments, like the rolling on the floor, crying because he can't have a sucker for breakfast moments, almost fade out of my memory.
I am in awe of how Ryder is becoming less and less my baby and becoming more and more my "big boy," not only because we now have a new baby, but because that is what babies do...they grow into big boys and girls (sniffle, sniffle, heart swelling with memories of the past, and hopes for the future!)

Doing big boy things like helping Mommy get Uncle Dirt treats....
 ....helping Dad mow lawn (with a shopping cart and helmet, he he, great imagination, I love it!)

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and love those two year olds, tantrums and all!

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