Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Ryder is sick today. Being sick sucks and the only thing that sucks more, is watching your babies be sick!! I suppose part of the reason Ryder is sick is my fault.  We've been a little sunshine deprived the last few months, so the minute I see some sun rays, we all head out to soak them up. Sometimes we don't dress quite warm enough (the appearance of sunshine doesn't always mean HOT weather, no matter how badly we want it to.)  Yesterday, we even busted out the water table though it was not nearly warm enough to have ice cold water splashed all over your coat and pants, though it didn't seem to bother Ryder at the time...today we are paying for it. Poor little man!  

Not to long ago, Ryder got some sidewalk chalk at a birthday party. The other day, the sidewalks were actually void of snow, so Marty took him outside for some chalk drawing.  Here's what boys draw:

School Busses,
 and hockey players.
 The other day, I took Ryder out for chalk drawing. Here's what Mommies (unartisitic ones) draw:

Hearts and...
flowers.  LOL

 Ryder and I spend a lot of time in the back yard, now that most of the snow is gone, playing in the sandbox with diggers.  The other day, he insisted on carrying handfuls of sand from the sandbox to the rocks at the back of our yard. I know Marty wouldn'thave been happy to have all that sand out of the sandbox, but hey, in my mind, this was great. All the back and forth was tuckering him out and I find toddlers are like puppies: Tired puppies and tired toddlers are good puppies and toddlers. :) So I let him make a million trips, handful by handful.

Yesterday afternoon was one of the first super sunny days, we've had. It was still chilly, we probably needed mitts, but we opted to tough it out as a protest against the cold.  I am sure it wasn't warm enough for the water table, but we busted it out anyway!  Ryder had a blast!! Last summer he enjoyed it, but this summer he's gonna be old enough to really have some fun with it. I love watching his imagination at work!!

It was a perfect, blue sky day!!

Peanut has been with us on our outdoor adventures. She's usually bundled up in the stroller or in the baby carrier, but she doesn't miss much that goes on here...well unless you count sleeping through everything as "missing it."

 Peanut is not a fan of the traditional swaddle blankets, but she sleeps like a log in this "peanut shell."

 She loves sleeping on her chest and spends hours sleeping on ours!

Currently, Ryder is laying on the couch with his blankie and runny nose. He is watching Dora and Diego. This is the first time in a LONG time that he's sat still long enough to watch two episodes in a row...he must not be feeling that good.....poor little man!  Here's hoping he gets well soon, I hear more, REAL sunshine with heat included is coming our way!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and pray for sunshine!

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