Monday, 15 April 2013


I know, I know, its been three weeks, but today i am finally going to find time to write about Easter!  My Easter plans were hijacked by a 6 pound bundle of joy, so I was not entirely sure the Easter Bunny was going to make an appearance, but not only did he come and bring chocolate eggs, but Mom and Nic made sure that all kinds of Easter festivities preceded his arrival!

I believe my text to Mom from my hospital bed included a picture of my newly born baby girl and a caption that read: Easter at our house this year?
Our original plan had been to spend the Easter long weekend at Mom's acreage. Ryder and Scout were looking forward to wide open spaces, chasing kitties and horsies and being spoiled by Grammy!  I was looking forward to "helping" the Easter Bunny hide chocolate eggs in the same house, I'd hunted for eggs in myself..but it turned out that this year, we were gonna go with Plan B! 

Mom and Nic arrived Good Friday, 2 days after Peanut's birth armed with Easter goodies (I hadn't had a chance to shop for the Easter Bunny yet) and plenty of pink for our new arrival!  They thought of everything!! The top order of business?  Making Easter special for Ryder while having plenty of time to snuggle his new little sister!

The Easter events started with cookie nest making! Yummmy!!!
After a fantastic, yummy Easter Dinner of steak, Grammy busted out the Egg coloring kit!
She started by explaining, then showing Ryder the art of decorating Easter eggs...

 Grammy started out helping Ryder, but....
 ....eventually, Ryder showed Grammy how HE does Easter eggs....

 How does Ryder do Easter eggs?
 Like this: both hands, all in!!
 Lots of spirit,
 Lots of "ooo" and "ahhhh"
Eggs, weren't the only things that got decorated. LOL!
Seriously, we all sat around the table watching Ryder, laughing at his youthful enthusiasm, his unbridled excitement and the exuberance with which he literally "dove" right into the egg decorating experience!

After a good night's sleep, Ryder woke up early, Sunday morning, eager to see if the Easter Bunny had come.  For a kid whose never seen the Easter Bunny, he sure had no problem believing there was one...ofcorse finding easter eggs, sure helped fuel his imagination!!

 Once the weather warmed up, we went outside to see if the Easter Bunny had left anything in the yard...
 ...he had! :)

 Auntie helped reach the high ones...

Thanks to Auntie and Grammy, Easter was super special for Ryder this year...
 ...and for the rest of us!! :)
Happy Easter!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and don't be afraid to have chocolate for breakfast every once in a while!

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