Sunday, 8 December 2013


It’s December!!! Ok, so it has been for a week already, but finally I have a couple minutes to post some pics.

In keeping with tradition, we all put on our Santa hats, blasted Christmas tunes (especially my fav, Kenny and Dolly “Country Christmas”) and busted out the house decorations on Sunday (the first.) To be honest, the hats didn’t last long on Scout (she’s not a hat fan,) Payton did more eating of decorations than helping and Ryder eventually informed me that he was way to “busy playing play dough and monster trucks, Mom” to help. So Marty and I did most of the decorating. 

 Wright Family Decorating Team!

I love the way our house looks now, like Christmas puked in our livingroom! Perfect!  Truthfully, I always thought I was going to be more of a Martha Stewart, hanging classy decorations that all match and follow a theme, but, it turns out, I'm not.  In realtiy, we hang everything we have (some cowboy decorations, some hockey decorations, some country theme decorations, some snowman theme, some santa theme) somewhere in the house and hang multicolor lights over all the windows. More “trailer trash” than Martha, I'll admit, but, it’s an eclectic representation of two worlds colliding (country girl, hockey playing city boy) and to us, to our home, this stuff just feels like Christmas! 
We've been enjoying coming down the stairs every morning, plugging in the Christmas lights, opening the Advent truck (Thank you, Grammy,) and playing Christmas music while eating least we enjoyed that for two days and then I got the flu! Tuesday night, I started puking and pooping and was prettty much down and out for three days! I'd love to say I layed in bed for three days recovering and resting, but with two small children, Mom's don't get to be sick and resting for three days. I did get one whole day of rest though. Marty pulled a long shift of Daddy duty so that I could sleep as much as I needed to Wednesday. Thank you, Marty!!!  Thursday, Marty had to get back to work, so I was back to being Mom. A tired, half sick, thankfully, not puking anymore, Mom.  Thursday night, Marty caught my flu bug so Friday, though I still wasn't quite 100% I was back in full on Mom mode! To make matters more miserable for my healthy (thank God, the kids didn't get our flu..yet) busy, two year old, we had settled into a DEEP FREEZE! Temperatures dipped below 30 degrees celcius often going below 40 with windchills! We were definitely stuck inside..well mostly. There were times when Ryder just couldn't play play dough and monster trucks anymore (who knew that it was possible for him to tire of that?) and he'd insist on going outside. 

I took these pics from the window (he lasted out there longer than I did.) After helping me shovel, he refused to come in, so I made him play in the back yard where I could keep an eye on him from the kitchen window.

To help pass the indoor times, we had to get creative and yes, we even had to watch a little more TV than normal. Lots of "Chuck Trucks" Youtube videos of Monster Trucks and trucks getting stuck, and we even rented the movie "Planes" off Itunes.

 Monster Truck ramps
 Monster Truck ramps with jumps
 Trucks and play dough and standing and stealing big brother's stuff....
 lots of finger walking...

Making a "wish list" letter/collage for Santa with Daddy.

 By Saturday, the weather was relenting a little bit and we were all tired of being house bound!  Marty still wasn't feeling 100% yet, but he was a trooper and drove us all to the mountains for dinner and the Santa Claus Parade. We bundled up and waited for Santa to arrive!  He did, at the very end of the parade in a sleigh pulled by two big grey horses.

Ryder didn't complain even once about the cold...until we got back in the van after the parade and his feet began to thaw....we tossed him a candy cane and his tears stopped instantly! Thank you, peppermint goodness! :)
 Payton was bundled to the max. I wore her in the carrier and once back in the van, I did a finger/toe check and not one was cold! She was probably the warmest of all of us!
 Biggest Santa ever!
 Today, there were horse drawn wagon rides offered at the golf course in our neighbourhood. It was still pretty chilly out there, but eager to get out of the house, we bundled up again and took in some free family fun!

It's amazing how a little sunshine and hot chocolate can make a cold day bearable!!  I do love December and all the fun Christmas activities! I also love that the cold doesn't stop them from happening, not here in Alberta anyway! :)

Another fun thing about this December has been Ryder's storytime advent. This is a new tradition that Auntie Dic started.  She mailed  Ryder 24 wrapped Winter/Christmas themed story books. One for each night of advent.  Every night in December, Ryder has unwrapped a book for us to read to him before bed.  The first book he unwrapped was a Winnie the Pooh book and for some reason, after that he expected every book he unwrapped to be a Winnie the Pooh book.  He always seems to be so surprised when he unwraps one and it isn't. He'll say, "this is not a Pinnie the Pooh book." Not sure why he calls him, Pinnie, but he does and it makes me laugh every time! 

It is snowing outside now, the long term forecast promises some warmer days and both Marty and I are finally over the flu. Things are looking up!  We are heading to bed eager to wake up healthy, rested and ready to spend the rest of December soaking up all the festive family fun we can find!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and get a good playdough recipe to get you through the cold snaps!


  1. Love all the fun you are having celebrating the season!

  2. Looks like so much fun!!

    I prefer the 'trailer" trash eclectic Christmas look to Martha anyday.... our house is slowly becoming more and more like that, much to Chad's dismay!

    you are always such a fun family, I love it!