Monday, 23 December 2013


For years now, we have headed out West to cut down our own Christmas Tree. The Boy Scouts manage a forest of beautiful trees. For 5 bucks you can purchase a permit to cut down one pine tree. They often turn out to be of "Charlie Brown" variety, but for us, it's all about the hunt for the perfect tree for us!
 Scout always comes, and once we are far enough into the forest, we always let her off leash, shhh, don't tell on us....
 It was really windy this year, but not too cold and Ryder had a blast walking in the deep snow!
 Marty had a blast throwing him into the deep snow..

 Marty and Ryder took turns working the saw to cut down our lil tree.

 Payton was a trooper, chillin' in the back pack.
 But like everyone else, she couldn't wait to try walking in the deep snow too.

Here we are with our tree!!! It might not look like much, but to us, it's perfect!

Everyone helped decorate the tree....
Payton helped by eating the decorations.
 Ryder hung the candy canes.
 "I'm putting all the candy canes in a line, Mom."
Yep, he did and yep, they are still hanging just like this on our tree.
 Marty put the angel on top. He tried to lift Ryder up, but Ryder was sure Marty was gonna bonk his head on the ceiling so he panicked and refused to even try the angel.

I realize this is not the most flattering shot of our tree. I will take a better one. It really does look better than this...really.....

A few days after our tree got decorated, I took the kids to the Mall to see Santa.  Ryder was so excited, but I figured he'd be afraid of him since he seems to have this fear of people in costumes.  Before we left, I watched Ryder lay on the floor beside Scout and ask her what she wanted him to ask Santa for for her.  Awwww!
We got to the Mall early and were number 7 on the wait list.
 There was lots to play on and look at in the Santa waiting area.

 Finally, our big moment came and Ryder....refused to sit on Santa's knee (he was a little scared of him) but settled for sitting next to Santa in the end. He even smiled a little. :)
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we are sooo excited!! Grampa and GG will be here to celebrate with us and this will be our first Christmas with Payton!!
Happy Holidays!!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and may all your Christmas Wishes come true!!

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