Sunday, 5 October 2014


Weekends always seem to take forever to arrive and always seem to pass by way too quickly!! The sun came out to play again this weekend, so we soaked it up!  Nic came to spend some time with us too so between her and the sunshine a good time was guarenteed!!!

We went to the Corn maze Saturday morning.  We went to the smaller one (apparently there are a number of corn mazes around here) but it was the perfect one for us!!  

There were big tractor tires to climb....

 Awesome slides...
 Auntie Dic

giant rolling bubbles...

 and selfies!!!

Just when I think we are enjoying our last popsicles of the season, the sun keeps shining and we get to buy another box, sooo....did we enjoy our last popsicles of the season, Saturday?

Sunday was our good friend, Arya's first birthday party!! She had a ball pit and bouncy castle there!!

 Payton is VERY into dressing up these days. She puts on everything she finds. She wears, blankets, hats, shoes, boots and even bras (she has one around her neck in this pic.)
Ryder has started playing hockey in the kitchen. He plays hockey just as loud as he plays "bull rider." LOUD!!!!! He commentates every move he makes, he could actually be a sport's announcer. Skate! Skate! Skat he'll shout right before he hollers at the top of his lungs, "GOAL!!"
I couldn't get sound on this video, but imagine he is shouting with all the enthusiasm of a three year old, "Goal!!!"

...and now it is after 10pm, another busy week is about to begin, so I better get my tired ass in bed!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and eat popsicles while the sun shines!!!

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  1. Thanks for the fun and the fall sunshine! Just what this gal needed :)