Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Despite the weather forcast (it called for rain and temperatures in the single digits [celcius],) we took to the highway with our camper, our neighbours, another family with a toddler and an infant and their trailers.  We headed to the mountains. One last hurrah of the camping season.  I packed tuques and mitts..and we used them all weekend long! The Fall air was crisp and we could feel Winter knocking but it didnt' stop us from having a great time with some good friends!

The kids didn't even notice the cold. Payton refused to wear her hat or her mitts. Ryder wore them then played so hard he'd sweat!  Only the adults complained. Apparently, we were not playing hard enough!! LOL

Payton wanted so badly to keep up with the "big boys" but she wasn't quite "big" enough.
 She was just a little too big to play with the little ones...
 Good thing she doesn't mind playing by herself. She managd to sneak some costume jewllery into the camping toy box and that kept her busy for quite a while!
 She had a great time chasing me around this big rock.
 She's getting pretty good at balancing and jumping too!

I love this smile!!!
This little girl can play well by herself, but truly, she just wants to do everything her big bro does!!
 Cutest lil camper!
 Ryder was sooo happy to have Hudson and his family with us on the trip!
Hudson is two and he adores Ryder!! 
They wrestled,
 They drove dump trucks and pushed strollers,
 They hung out just being cute,
 They worked hard,
They roasted marshmellows!!

 Hudson left early Sunday morning, so Ryder had to drive his dumper by 
himself. He actually asked me and Payton to leave as he was 
at his "job site." LOL
 He's growing up sooooo fast!!!!
My handsome hubby!
 Scout holding down the fort!

Sunday night, Payton decided she will NO LONGER sit in her high chair. She does not care that food will now drop all over the floor, neither does Scout. She will simply scream her ever loving head off if you carry her anywhere near her seat. AWESOME!
 We capped off our mountain weekend by baking cookies at home, in the warmth of our kitchen.  Ryder LOVES baking with me. Payton is still learning, but she has become more and more curious about it all. Ryder can crack eggs, work the mixer and eat dough like a champ. He also discovered Sunday, that after you add flour, if you turn the mixer on high, there will be a giant flour explosion! AWESOME! ha ha ha!
It was a chilly weekend, filled with frozen fingers (mostly mine,) adventure (all of ours) and messes (Ryder's and Payton's) so all in all I'd say it was a good one!! Here's to the week ahead!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and don't worry about the cold, kids don't!

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  1. Way to embrace autumn, Wrights! Those kids' smiles probably warm ya up no matter how cold it is outside!