Wednesday, 12 November 2014


It's report card season, I am buried under paperwork trying to fit every child into a box..not my style, not my belief, not my thing..but my paycheck depends on me getting these done..sooo not much writing happening here, but here are some pics. WE do still manage to have fun around here.

The kids have been all over playing in the basement couch cushins lately. We throw them all on the floor and jump on them, climb on them, make forts out of them, wrestle on them and generally make a big, fun mess with them! Even Scout loves playing in them.

One night, after taking Payton up to bed early (she was super tired) I came back downstairs, to inform Marty and Ryder that it was bed time. It was awfully quiet in the basement (for our Family, quiet is rare.) I finally found them tucked under the cushions. I thought they must be hiding from me, so I pulled the pillows off of them and..... 
 ....this is what I found...two adorable sleeping cuties!!!!! Awwwww!!!
Last weekend, Mom came to visit. We took her for breakfast Sunday morning before we took her to the bus stop so she could ride home.  Since the snow was falling heavily we were all glad she had chosen to take the bus to visit us instead of drive herself.

 Ryder loves snow! He loves Winter and he loves sledding!!! I couldnt' keep him out of the snow even though I was freeeeeeezing!
 We are all out of Halloween candy, so for dessert we've gone back to our favorite: Ice cream!! Payton LOVES it!
 Marty suddenly has the "declutter" bug. He has been going through boxes that we havn't unpacked since we moved here. He found his hockey trophies from when he was a kid! Ryder was sooooo proud of his Daddy. He's sure Marty won them them all for "scoring the most goals ever!"
 The more hockey Ryder sees on TV, the more he wants to play it! Now the whole house has hockey fever and we can often be found in the basement playing hockey after supper. Even Scout plays..kinda! LOL

Here's Payton rocking one of her brother's hand me down shirts and a giant gash under her eye from a kid at the day home who has freakishly long finger nails.....

It's 10:25pm and I've got to get to bed! I need to replenish my energy.  I still have 6 more report card comments to write in "word" before I start the tedious job of entering everything into the actual report card.

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and if your kid gets a report card, please know that his/her teacher worked very hard to box your child up so they'd fit in the space provided....

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