Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Sooo...The Sunshine Ranch is a bit of a fixer upper...don't get me wrong, the place is awesome and the house is livable for sure, it just needs a little lot of updating! Our plan was to start by updating some of the light fixtures, then move on to painting our bedroom followed by the rest of the walls that need paint and then, and then, and then...plenty of projects to keep us busy, but........we've been here for two weeks and we've changed three fixtures (now I can see to put on my face in the morning) and Marty and Ryder tore the closets out of our bedroom so we can paint, but that's as far as we've gotten.  Actually, as we really settle in, I can see how people just stop seeing the projects and just start living.  It's easy to do once the boxes have become unpacked and you make the space "home."  Eventually you just start seeing it as "home" instead of a place with weird stipey paint on major walls, with light fixtures decorated in dainty flowers hanging by heavy chain.  You get so accostomed to the  missing kitchen cupboard doors that you begin to forget it's not normal and you stop noticing the squealing bathroom fans and missing closets until someone points them out to you.  This will NOT happen to us....well Plan A, is that this will not happen to us, but we might have been ambitious thinking we'd do all kinds of renovating after the kids were in bed! I got Payton down at 7:30 with plans of meeting Marty in our bedroom for an evening of prepping walls for paint, however he went in to read Ryder stories over an hour ago and now they are both sound asleep in Ryder's car bed.  This seems to happen a lot. Poor Marty is exhausted and Ryder's bed is sooo comfy and after a bedtime story or two how can he resist but to close his eyes for just "6 minutes" as Ryder requests......

Obviously I could just start without Marty, but I know he'd like to be in charge of the painting and prepping process.  I could do other things, like vacume or unpack a few of the boxes in the basement, but instead I'll sit and write for a while.....

Ryder LOVES helping Marty with projects like tearing out closets!
 This is the closet after the ugly old built ins were torn out. The wall looks grey here, but trust me it's purple and it's got to go!

This is still our bedroom, the wall is still purple and the white marks are where ugly shelving has been torn off in prep for painting.

 This is the crazy tiny ensuite that needed light fixtures ASAP. We are still trying to solve the storage and space issues we have with this teeny bathroom but we will. :)
 It's hard to tell from the pic, but this shower is also crazy tiny.  It was showers this size that were "deal breakers" for Marty when we looked at homes in the city, that's how I know he wanted this place really badly, he hasn't once mentioned how small the shower is. I, on the other hand have to accomplish crazy flexible, athletic feats just to shave my legs.....I'll get used to it and I'll get more and more flexible. I'll have to or I'll have to look into getting my legs waxed! LOL
 This is the view standing at my bedroom door looking down the hallway. It's a long hallway with green stripy paint (thank god it's not Wallpaper) all along it.  It is also getting a make over STAT!
Another angle.
 WE LOVE this sunny sunny dining room, but that chandelier has got to go!

These are the French Doors that open to our "formal" living room. It is still full of boxes.  I can see that this might end up being one of those rooms we think we'll use for entertaining our adult friends.  You know the room. The one with the fancy furniture, no TV, great views, cool art work, but is actually too far from the kitchen, the TV and the bar to be the place we'll actually choose to be in...LOL

 This on the other hand is the actual living room/play room. The room that we say we can't stand cause it's filled with toys and it's messy, but it's actually the one we spend all of our time in cause "toys and mess" it turns out, really means, comfy, homey and exactly where we want to be!
 It is also purple and will be needing a facelift.
 Looks like this is the only one I have that kind of shows the kitchen....more pics to come.

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and if Daddy falls asleep in the car bed, leave him there! It's soo stinkin' cute!

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  1. You will get to things in time and make it your own! Looks like and awesome house!