Thursday, 5 March 2015

End of Feb

Payton is going to be two!!! TWO!!! 

Exaclty 1 month before turning two I took her for her first haircut.  I have been refusing to take her as I just want her hair to grow long, but Marty cannot stand her bangs! Unless they are pinned back, she can't see and it drives him nuts.  I finally caved, but once I got there, the stylist convinced me that bangs would be a lot of work and maintenace (I didn't need to be convinced, just validated) so because we were there, I had her trim off Payton's ends. We pretty much left looking exactly the same, but she had her first hair cut experience and she was a champ.  I still pin her bangs back every morning and Marty still can't stand them. LOL

 She did start to get a little fussy at one point, but once Ryder climbed up in the chair with her, she was happy as could be. He is the BEST big brother every!
The end of February is not only significant of being one month before Payton's birthday (March 27th) but this year it signified the end of Payton and Ryder's stay at Auntie Dayhome's.  They spent a year there with her and they loved her!!! She was a wonderfully caring, loving person and we will miss her! Thank you Auntie!

Ryder was at that day home for a year with all girls.  He was the only boy.  He was the oldest, except for Mackenzie who is almost a year older than him.  She is a tiny girl, but they became tight friends and on our last day, Ryder really wanted to bring her a flower. Awwww!! the time I got there with the flowers, Mackenzie was gone.  Ryder was heart broken.  Auntie kept the flower for Mackenzie and sure enough the following Monday night, Mackenzie's mom texted me a pic of Mackenzie holding the flower Auntie, true to her word, had saved for her.  Awwwwwww!!!
 The last day at the day home was the last Friday in February.  We spent the weekend doing normal, fun acreage stuff:
Playing hockey naked
Shoveling off our pond/hockey rink,

 attaching potty training seats,
 making blender muffins,

 learning to skate (at a fun birthday party for a friend)
 rocking Team Canada jerseys,
 rocking fire fighter costumes,
 and reading the paper.
Life is good!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and soak up the little things, the normal things, the unadventurous things, for one day you'll look back and realize those were the things memories were made of!

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