Sunday, 1 February 2015


UGH!! January has been one hell of a long month here for the Wrights.  It's been long and tough, but we are in the clear, it's February. I'm going to hope that by the end of the day tomorrow Ryder is no longer sick and that by some stroke of incredible luck, Marty and I manage to escape this nasty flu bug that has scrambled Payton and Ryder's tummies for the last week.
Tuesday night Payton threw up for real, for the first time in her little life. :(  It was nasty!! I couldnt' go near her sheets. Once I pulled my poor little baby out of her crib, I called for Marty to do the real dirty work.  He's a trooper that way and though he gagged the whole time, he pulled the sheets from the bed and rinsed them out while I cleaned up and remarkably unstressed baby. She wasn't crying or upset at all. She just kept saying, "I puked.puked Mommy. Puked."  Ryder was amazing. As soon as he realized what happened he came running to the bathroom with Payton's water. He rubbed her back and got her clean jammies and a lego plane...I guess that made sense to him. :)  He's been very nurturing this whole time, worried about his baby sis.  
Payton got super cuddly, which is not normal for her so I soaked up those snuggles and tried to calm my heart as I watched her wretch her guts out over the next few days.  It's sooo hard to watch your babies puke!! She was so brave and never got upset at all.  Eventually, after 5 days of this, she got grouchy and whiney and needy, but who can blame her?
Having a sick sister is super boring, but the first day Ryder was all over enjoying the benefits of watching lots of TV!!
 I got bored being inside though, so we did pack Payton up one afternoon for some fresh air.
 It was really good to get some fresh air..until Ryder fell in a giant puddle...and that was only a bummer cause we had to head home.
Ryder and I came up with a few projects, including making and destroying this ice treasure tower, but eventually, the flu got a hold of Ryder too.....
 As soon as Payton started feeling better she'd ask for toast..with ketchup. She insisted on the ketchup, which refused to stay in her lil tummy. EWWWWW!

It is now Feb 1st and I think Payton is finally feeling better. She ate about 6 mini muffins and one giant one and they all stayed in her tummy!! She actually got some of her bright smile back and managed to enjoy her bath. She's sleeping soundly and will hopefully be healthy enough for the day home tomorrow.  Ryder just puked up his toast so he'll be home tomorrow.
 Scout? She's bored, but she and I have managed to get out for a walk every day. It's how we both stay sane!!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and be glad the flu passes! I cannot imagine how hard it would be to have babies who were truly sick they weren't going to get better. My heart goes out to all families who have to be strong enough to deal with that every day.

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