Thursday, 23 April 2015


The first week back into routine after spring break was rough...for me. Getting up and getting going was rough. I sooo enjoyed my time off, at home with the kids. No rushing, no need to be anywhere.  But alas, all good things must come to an end.... and really I actually love my students and my job, so it wasn't that bad going back to work, just exhausting!  Mom had planned to come for a visit on the Friday, so I had something to look forward to as well...but I ended up getting the flu. :( Poor Mom came all this way and I couldnt' even really enjoy my visit with her. She did get a lot of Grandkid time in though which was helpful and fun.

She got to play soccer with Ryder (it snowed Saturday, so soccer was in the basement that day.)
She bought Payton new boots for her birthday (I got her the hat to match.) :)

Ryder already has a hat, which he loves!

Sunday, the sun was shining and I felt a little bit better so Mom and I took the kids to the river for a little adventure before she had to leave.

After Grammy left, Payton was tired. Too tired to keep it together. She had a few meltdowns. Somehow they are still pretty cute and comical. The whole production, the throwing her doll, the lying down, the wailing....
 Most of the afternoon while the sun shone, the kids played outside while Marty was in the garage.  This is what I love about kids: they don't need fancy toys. These two spent hours playing with scraps of wood, the watering can and water. LOVE THEM!
 Ofcourse they do still love stuffies and sparkly shirts! Thanks Grammy!
 And who doesn't love a good old fashion lawn mower ride!

 I still felt "off" Monday and Tuesday but I went to work anyway.  As a teacher, it is just too much work to miss work.  Plus, I hadn't actually puked or pooped yet, soooooo.  The sun was still shining so I figured we should take advantage.  Monday afternoon when I realized I felt "ok" I texted marty to see about meeting up for a family adventiure.  After school I picked up the kids and we met Marty and Scout at the Glenbow Ranch for an awesome bike ride/dog walk/stroller ride.  Tuesday during my staff meeting I texted again, suggesting we all met up at the Cochrane Ranch. This time Marty, Ryder and I biked while I pulled Payton in the bike trailer.  Love these kind of spontaneous adventures with my family!

 Tuesday night the flu got a hold of me for real and I spent the night in the bathroom. I made a sub plan at 1:42am and spent the night on the toilet. No fun! I stayed home and slept all day Wednesday while the kids were at the day home.  I felt quite a bit better by the time they got home.  Payton and I even baked cookies after supper while Marty and Ryder practiced soccer outside.  

I planned to go to work Thursday, today.  I really wanted to and I really did not want to write another middle of the night sub plan...but Ryder woke up at 3am puking, so here I am. Home with my lil cutie. He's watching cartoons and I'm catching up on things like my blog and baking.  Payton is home too...just incase she's sick far she's not. Thank God!  Here's hoping that by the weekend we will all be back to our energetic, happy, rested selves!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and don't feel guilty watching Netflicks when you are sick, especially when the show you are watching has the hottest leading actor you've ever seen. (Check out White Collar!)

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