Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Spring Break ends tomorrow.  I have to go back to work after an amazing week of time off with my lil cuties.  Marty, unfortunately was away for my entire break.  He was in Toronto for sales meetings, but his absence didn't stop me from spending all day everyday with two energetic little balls of cuteness, getting a huge pile of dirt delivered, painting two bedrooms, visiting Uncle Dirt, attempting potty training with Payton and planning a party for the kids.  Yes, I do want a "hero cookie," lol!

Easter Monday we hung out as a Family. Tuesday morning Marty headed to Toronto and Tuesday afternoon, this big dump truck delivered 10cubic yards of loam to our back yard.  Talk about the most fun "yard toy" ever!!! What kid doesn't love a giant pile of dirt to play in????
 Ryder was super pumped to watch the huge truck!

 This scene, the diggers and shovels in the dirt at the end of a day of play, make me happy....
 but not as happy as this scene! :)

I painted Ryder's bedroom after the kids went to bed Tuesday night.  Ryder slept in my bed so that I could take the time I needed to paint his walls.  I painted them grey mostly because I want to do Payton's room in gray and pink, so that's the color of paint I bought.  Ryder wants a hockey room and I figure that can happen in any color of room, except "puke" which is what color the walls were before I painted them!! 

Wednesday we had play dates all day, so I took a break from painting.  I prepped Payton's room though so that Thursday I'd be ready. 

 Thursday morning we woke up and I promised the kids a fun morning cause I planned to paint for a couple hours in the afternoon.  We were on the dirt pile before 9am and once we were good and dirty, we headed to the pond where we discovered snails!!!

Once I was sure both kids were good and tired out from our adventures, I brought them in for lunch. My plan was to paint Payton's room during her nap (that would give me two hours.) I planned for her to nap in the pack n' play in Ryder's room...but she had other plans.  Her plans did not involve a nap at all....she ended up spending her "nap time" in her crib in the middle of her room while I painted it.  As long as she was in the crib she couldn't touch the paint and she was much happier watching me, reading books and singing with me than she was not sleeping in Ryder's room.  

After I painted, we headed to the farm to see Uncle Dirt.  I still have some fencing to do before we can bring Dirt here, to the Sunshine Ranch.  Like I mentioned, Payton is potty training. I am taking a much more relaxed approach to it this time around and so far, so good-ish.  She ended up peeing her pants at the farm, ofcourse! I had brought back up pants for her, but since the sun was shining and since she's stubborn, Payton didn't want to put them on...naked cause that's how she rolls! LOL

 Friday afternoon Marty came home! It was great to have him back! I had taken the kids to the Day home so that I could clean and prep for the party I was planning to have Saturday afternoon for the kids. It was going to be a late birthday party as I was hoping that by delaying the party we'd be able to have an outside event with a bon fire and all...but the wind had other plans.....no matter, a party was going to happen and chances were, we were going to have to be inside, so the house needed to be clean-ish. :)  
Also Nic was coming. She had been in South America for a month so I was looking forward to catching up with her...plus she had promised to help me with projects around here.  By the time she left, we (and by "we" I mostly mean Nic) had, painted and framed a chalkboard on the hallway wall, painted the words, "he shoots he scores" above Ryder's window (the beginning of his hockey themed room,) hung the signs she made in Payton's room that read "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray," and had created and hung a whimsical banner in Payton's room! Thank you Nic!!


Saturday afternoon, the kids came and we partied..mostly inside due to the crazy, crazy winds.  Some of us braved the dirt pile and the pond, but after an hour, we all ended up inside for hot dogs, chips and an ice cream sunday bar.  I decided that since Mom and Nic were unable to make cakes this year, we'd skip cake all together, besides, we'd had plenty of cake-ish treats in March for all of our real birthdays.  The big finale to the party was the giant pig pinata!  Trish and bought it to support a charity in kelowna and she gifted it to the kids.  It was the hugest pinata I've ever seen.  We stuffed it with some candy and toys, (Trish assured me it was full of love, so no need to fill it to the brim with sugar lol) and then the kids took turns wacking it with golf clubs while it dangled from our clothes line! So. Much. Fun!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and soak up every minute you have away from work!

Ack! Now that I finally have had enough internet to get all the pics posted (yep, still struggling with this satelite internet here at the Sunshine Ranch, but trying not to get to obsessed as I realize it truly is a First World Problem) so I've actually been back at work for two days already......

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