Thursday, 30 April 2015


It has been ten days of flu here at the Sunshine Ranch! 10 days of puke and poop...lots of puke and poop, sometimes both kids at the same time!! Finally though, (knock on wood,) both kids have been tucked into bed without any signs of pending puke or poop! Here's hoping that maybe, just maybe we'll all actually sleep all thrrough the night! Ha!

The flu started with me. I just felt "off" for the entire weekend Mom was visiting. I went to work Monday and Tuesday though I just didn't feel quite right. Tuesday night, the trips to the bathroom started and I couldn't stop worrying about whether or not I would need a sub. See, when you are a teacher, you can't just call in sick. Nope. You have to find a replacement and create a lesson plan for the entire day.  Between trips to the bathroom, I kept trying to mentally create a lesson plan, just in case.  Finally, at 3:26am I had to make a decision and it wasn't looking like I'd be able to go to work, so I got up, turned on my computer and started to plan Wednesday.  I booked a sub (thank God for online sub desks,) then wrote out a day plan that I emailed to my colleagues with hope that they would print it off for my sub.  Unplanned absences are the worst for teachers. I tried to visualize where all the papers the sub was going to need could be found in my room..ha!  Thank God, the kids know the place as well as I do and I knew they'd fill in any blanks I left.  Marty took the kids to the Day Home (thank God for the day home) and I slept and went to the bathroom all day.  I felt ok that night and intended to go to work Thursday, but....Ryder started puking at midnight and didn't stop.  So once again, I got up in the middle of the night, once I realized he wasn't going to stop puking and booked another sub.  I kept Payton home too, just incase.  Thursday was a long day, but it was a beautiful day and since Payton wasn't really sick and since I felt mostly better, she and I hung out in the sunshine for a while so poor Ryder could sleep. 
Spending time with just Payton, made me realize how big she's getting. How she's not my baby anymore.....

 She was so sweet.  She sure missed playing with Ryder, but she got in plenty of cuddles.
 Friday morning, Ryder woke up feeling much better. Here's the snapshot I got before I took us all to work (and day home) Friday morning.
 Friday afternoon, on the way home from the day home, Ryder asked me for a puke bowl in the car. Ofcourse I didn't have one and by this time, I figured he just wanted to make me nervous (they think it's funny when they cough and I think they are gonna puke) so I handed him all I had, a sippy cup.  I told him to take the lid off and puke in it.  He did not think this was funny and told me it was too small.  "I guess I'll just try to hold it in til we get home, Mom." Right, I though. Sure.  When we got home, Payton and I headed to the potty (our new ritual since potty trainging) she was on her little potty and I was on the big one. Ryder came in asking for the puke bowl.  I told him where it was. He went and got it, came back to the bathroom, put it on the counter, stood up on a stool and proceeded to empty the contents of his lil tummy into it!! What???? I couldn't believe it! He is the most mature, calm puker I have ever known, adults included!!! Turns out he was apparently still sick!  I was supposed to work at the school's spring fling, and I hated to leave, but Marty insisted I go. It was just for an hour.  By the time I got to school Marty had sent a text saying that Payton was also now throwing up! Ahhhh! Two puking kids!  I didn't stay to work my shift. I came home. Kids just want their mommys when they are sick, so Marty says. :)  As a family, we spent Friday night on the couch, cuddling, catching puke in bowls, watching crappy kiddy cartoons.  Payton ended up puking for 9 hours straight! Poor lil thing!!!
Saturday was a right off. The babes were sick, watching TV, whining and sleeping.  Sunday, they both perked up so we spent some time outside.  

 This is not Payton and a puke bowl. This is Payton pretending to drink out of the pot like a puppy. LOL

 Sunday night, Marty started puking. :(  Monday I took the kids to the day home. Monday night, Ryder puked once early on and around 2am Payton had a giant poop blow out in her crib. One that required bedding change and a tubbie!! I made a sub plan and stayed home Tuesday as Marty was still sick and wasn't able to look after the kiddos.  Tuesday was actually a beautiful day outside and strangely enough, both kids actually seemed fine once they woke up.  We spent the day outside so Daddy could sleep.  

Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning around 5am, Ryder got diarrhea. Bad!  He spent Wednesday at home, on the toilet.  Marty was feeling better by then so I went to work and Payton went to the dayhome but by 4:30, she had diarrhea too!!!!!  Luckily hers was short lived and by 7pm she was empty!! Today is Thursday, everyone went where they were supposed to go on Thursdays and life seems (knock on wood again) to be heading back towards normal! Thank God!!!!

I am exhausted. I need to go to bed just in case I need to get up to catch puke or poop (seriously hoping not!) 

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and soak up the extra cuddles as they are the only good thing about babies having the flu!

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