Tuesday, 19 March 2013


I am now 35 weeks preggers! I am feeling huge though everyone, except Marty, keeps telling me I'm soo smal and am all belly.  I am ready to meet Peanut, but not until Peanut is ready to meet me! 

Ryder turns 2 tomorrow and my birthday is the next day!  In order to prepare for Ryder's big day, we took him for his second hair cut ever on the weekend. He was sooo excited about going, but once we got there, he showed no signs of excitement.  He sat sooo quietly and so seriously the whole ten minutes it took. He never cried or got upset. He just got quiet. Weird for me to see him so quiet.  Once the scissors were put down, like magic, he turned into his excited self again, excited to sit on all the car, train and pony chairs in the salon.  Melon Heads is a fun place to get your hair cut!! :)
 So serious!
 Hair cut over, cape off, riding the motorcycle. Happy and relaxed!
We went for a Booster Juice after the hair cut.  It was getting late so we decided to have our juice to go.  From the backseat, we heard, "uh oh, Mommy." Never a good sign. We turned around to see that Ryder had somehow poked a hole in the side of his foam cup and chunks of strawberries and juice were spilling out all over his lap, his jacket, the car seat, the floor, everywhere.  Like what? How the heck did he manage that little trick?? Messy, but delicious.  It only got messier though as that Booster Juice contributed heavily to the prolonged diarrehea Ryder had been battling for the last couple days.  Ooops, I later read online that juice is the worst thing for diarrhea.  Who knew?? Anyway, I paid for that bit of Mom stupidity, I'll tell ya, but sadly so did Ryder!  (He's all good now though.) :)

Waiting for Booster Juice with Daddy.

The weather here, over the weekend was brutal. Blowing, snowing and cold. We only ventured out for hair cuts and to walk Scout.  There was lots of time for building leggos with Daddy and for fixing stuff.

Yesterday, it finally sort of started to feel a little warmer. Ryder was determined to be outside for a while. He wanted to shovel and he wanted to play with his sandbox toys.  I am a big believer in fresh air and being outside, so we bundled up and made the most of it. I was cold before he was, but eventually, he wanted to come in to warm up his fingers. At least getting him to put the mittens on in the first place wasn't a battle. I think he's finally learned that lesson. Yay!

 The way I took this pic, it looks like he's shoveled all of that path, but in reality, the only snow he actually shoveled is the stuff on the sidewalk. He actually put it all back there! LOL  Toddlers are soo helpful! ha ha ha!
 The sand in the sandbox was frozen solid. Instead, Ryder drove his loader in the snow. He loved this! Now that he can actually drive his "big trucks" in the snow, it's way more fun to be outside!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and don't be afraid to drive your sandbox toys in the snow, if you live somewhere that has way more snow weather than sand weather!


  1. Can't wait to kiss those two-year old cheeks tomorrow! And to push trucks in the snow! And to build leggo! Auntie help :)

  2. Such an exciting time!! You look fabulous!

    Carson also managed one day to poke a hole in his Booster Juice cup, and I heard the "uh oh"... luckily we were in an arena and not the car... but it went all over his legs and shoes!

    Happy Birthday to you and Ryder! Looking forward to news of the new little arrival!