Friday, 8 March 2013


The end of February was mild and beautiful. We took a drive one of the last Sundays in February, just to get out of the city and to soak up some mountain air.  I was 32 weeks preggers and since it was sooo nice out, we decided to get a belly pic in the snowy sunshine.

 32 weeks

It stormed last weekend! A huge, winter storm! I guess that must mean, March is coming in like a lion and hopefully, going out like a lamb! 
The first week of March, I was 33 weeks preggers.

33 weeks preggers or not, snow storm or not, Scout still needed a walk!

The wind was blowing the falling snow around so hard that I decided to wear my ski goggles for eye protection!!

The rest of the week was pretty snowy and cold. We had to find some things to do inside. We had actually gotten used to going for our little after dinner walks...around here, you gotta be flexible with routine.
 Much to Marty's horror (seriously, I thought he was going to have an anurism) I busted out a tub of rice and invited Ryder to play with his diggers and trucks in it. I even invited him to play with it in the living room, on the train table. Remember, there are no tracks or trains on our train table, only trucks and busses and diggers.

 Yep, it made a giant mess. Yep, Scout ate more raw rice than is probably recommended for dogs.  Yep, so did Ryder. Yep, I got some work done on my report cards. Yep, Ryder had a blast. Yep, Marty couldn't take his eyes off the mess in front of him.  Yep, the Dyson cleaned up every last piece of rice...I think. :)

Snow storms do not affect hockey at all, not in Canada anyway, so of corse Marty, after surviving the rice in the living room trauma, headed out to play in his senior, no hit hockey league. Ha!! He came home after midnight, looking like this:

 The wait at the hospital for stitches was too long, so he left and came home with dried blood and a steri strip over his cut. Ewwwww!

Apparently, Ryder has given up his "suckie" at the Day Home. He's always only had it for naps there, but according to Amanda (his care giver, whom I adore,) Ryder said, he didn't need his suckie anymore. She asked him if he wanted to put it in the garbage. (That's how she got her own kids to finally get rid of theirs.) Ryder said, "yep." She explained that if he tossed it, he couldn't get it back.  He agreed. So, Thursday, yesterday, he had his first nap "sans" suckie.  My big boy is growing up!! At our house, the suckie stays upstairs. He can have it at night, in the morning, at naps and whenever he is upstairs. When he gets himself all worked into a tizzy, or if he's "loosing" it, he often goes upstairs on his own, gets his blankie and his suckie and he calms right down.  I like that he has his own self soothing vices.  
When we got his "big boy bed" we thought we'd give him until Easter with his suckie, so that he'd have a month to adjust to his bed with his self soothing device.  Lately though, we've decided we are not in a hurry to make him give it up, especially since he only has it upstairs and since Peanut's arrival could make him regress anyway.  I do wish he'd give it up though...he's sooo much cuter in pics without it!!
One of my favorite passtimes (snow storm or otherwise) is to take pics of my favorite subjects.  I have been practicing using some new editing apps...these are a few of my favorite shots from the other day...I LOVE the adorable subjects and the editing, I just wish I had moved the lysol wipes and the rubber made tub from the background! Ha ha ha!

Pretend the wipes and rubber made bin arn't there!!!! LOL

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  1. Awesome pictures! It always sounds like you are having so much fun!

    We are starting to work on Carson getting rid of his soother too... he is SOOOO attached I am not sure how we will accomplish it. We try to limit it as well to only in bed, or extreme freakouts, but he tends to hoard them and hide them in places only he can find, and then all of a sudden he is walking around with one. If you get any good ideas that work, let me know! We aren't in a huge rush either, our dentist said by 3, but I think it will be a process so we are starting now!!