Sunday, 24 March 2013


 Saturday, March 23r was 3 days after Ryder's real 2nd birthday, but that was the day, we decided to hold Ryder's party..I use the term "party" loosely.  In reality, I was feeling just too tired and too fat (preggers) to organize a big party like the one we had for his first birthday....We invited just a couple of friends (a handful of kids he sees often) and planned to meet them at Tommy K Play. I didn't rent any birthday rooms, or pay any "group fee." We just planned to meet our buddies there and then come back to our house for pizza and cake and ice cream.  Mom and Nic made an awesome School Bus birthday cake (Ryder is obsessed with school busses) and I bought a few bus decorations.  Some of the grade 8 girls at school made a huge School Bus Photo Prop for the party, they are awesome!
I wasn't organized enough to plan big "treat bags" so I bought every kid a pinwheel and a little school bus to take home. I hung the pinwheels at the front door in Ryder's most favorite bus (one he got for his very first Christmas, thank-you Uncle Terry.)

In order to find School Bus decorations, I hit up the Teacher Store near my house. Most of these are bulletin board cut outs, but they worked for our party!

 This was the snack/cake table, before any food got put on it.
I drew a road on the table cloth and put the little "take home" busses on the table for the kids to drive around...simple, but fun!
The photo prop made by the grade 8 girls who finished their French Project early!
The cake Mom and Nic made.  Nic ended up getting sick and not being able to make it to the party, but Mom came and brought the cake! Thank you! Thank you!!
Nic, we missed you!!!!!!

My Big Boy
The big moment!!

All aboard the birthday bus!!

 Yep, it was my birthday last week too, but the big celebration for me, was hitting 36 weeks! Only a few more to go! Yippee! Lil Peanut, I am sooo ready to meet you!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and jump aboard the birthday bus!!!


  1. Sorry I had to miss it :). Love the theme and decorations Wright Mommy! Ryder is a lucky little boy!!