Monday, 6 May 2013


Saturday, we went to see Thomas The Train! He came to our city for the weekend and we were lucky enough to get tickets to take a ride.  We were also lucky because Grampa and GG were here to meet Thomas with us!

 GG and Ryder ready to meet Thomas
 Grampa and Ryder waiting to see Thomas!
 Here he comes!!

Only Daddy and Ryder had tickets to actually ride the train.

Marty said Ryder really could care less about the actual train ride. He mostly just enjoyed seeing the big train! Ryder probably would have been more impressed to be riding in a digger. LOL

 GG and I got to take Ryder on the Merry-Go-Round. That was a ride he loved!!

Sunday was another beautiful day! We decided to have a Family adventure. We headed out to check out one of the Provincial parks we hadn't been to before.  Ryder was pumped to be out on a "hike." Though he was full of excitement we knew we couldn't walk too far as it was going to be uphill all the way back to the parking lot and neither, Marty, nor I, wanted to have to carry him up all those hills.  In the end, we learned that if we each held one of his hands and counted, "1, 2, 3" and then swung him in the air he'd keep walking on his own two feet.

Ryder loved running down all the big hills but at one point he insisted that we take off his shorts as they were "too slow, Mommy!" He continued the entire hike pants free!

Peanut was a part of all of our weekend adventures too!! She rode in the stroller for our Day out with Thomas and I "wore" her on our hike.  She doesn't miss a thing!!

I dont' know why I can't rotate this pic, but here are my three angels!
 Not a flattering pic of her, but still totally adorable, right? Check out her expression and that of the Monster!!!
 WE spend a lot of time just hangin' out!

Yesterday, while Ryder napped, Peanut and I hung out in the "pea pod" our UV safe tent. We brought tunes out and listened to music and just enjoyed the sunshine (safely) together!!

I took this same kind of pic with Ryder in the pea pod,(he was 10 weeks old, she is only 5) but you can see the similarities, eh??

 Here's hoping the sunshine sticks around, it has been soo much fun getting OUTSIDE!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessing and soak up that sunshine!

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