Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Yesterday, after Ryder's nap, I was determined to get us all outside. The weather has been tricky again, throwing snow and crazy winds our way, but despite the sub par temperatures, we've been trying to get outside as much as possible.  The only ones the weather actually annoys are the adults. Ryder is happy to hang out in his sandbox even if the sand is frozen, he's happy to ride his bike into the wind, he's oblivious to the fact that sometimes, it actually gets hot around here..doesn't it? Even I have to reach back a long ways into my memory to remember those days.

Just before nap we saw a tow truck across the street. Through his bedroom window, Ryder was able to watch the tow truck hook up two cars to tow away.

Anyway, yesterday, I hoped that when Ryder woke up (I love that he naps, but it's always in the afternoon, often through the nicest part of the day,) we'd head outside.  Peanut and I had laid down for a little snooze too and just as my eyes closed, I heard Ryder calling me.  After a little snuggle time, I suggested we change his wet diaper, throw on some sweats and head outside. He agreed, but made no effort to move towards the nursery where the diapers were kept. Instead I took Peanut, changed her diaper, plunked down in the nursing chair and offered her a little "snack." I figured we'd be ready to go outside after she had a full tummy, plus it gave me something to do while I waited for Ryder to decide he was tired of his full diaper.  When I have time (there's no where we have to be,) I refuse to fight with RJ about his diaper. Damn, does he HATE having that changed! He will kick and scream and yell and kick and kick and roll around, making the whole experience messy, loud and extremely unpleasant!  Potty training will begin soonish, I think!
Anyway, I know I can get impatient "waiting" for him to agree to have his diaper changed, so I enjoyed my time with Peanut. Ryder was across the hall, in his own bedroom playing trucks. When I gave up my own agenda and just sat listening to him talk and talk and "make believe" my heart smiled!
A)he was entertaining himself
B)His imaginary games were hilarious. He loves to pretend the trucks "crash" "have accident!" "help! help!" "need Popo!"  his trucks talk to eachother, "hi, hi." They "go to work at Cardi," his way of saying, "Bacardi" and of corse they "park." "hi, home for dinner. gonna park."
C) He was oblivious to the fact that the crotch of his diaper was saturated with pee, that it was swollen to 5 times it's actual size and that it stank!

Eventually his game found it's way into Peanut's room, where the diapers are and when he was more interested in me than his trucks, I managed to convince him to have his diaper changed so we could get dressed in play clothes and head outside!

We made it outside in time to see the motor Dad brought home for his Landcruiser project.
He ordered this motor from Nevada and he had to drive to Montana to the border crossing to pick it up.
Everybody helped unload the motor!

The cold has kept us inside early in the mornings and later in the evenings, but that gives us lots of opportunity for bonding with Peanut!!

                                                        Lotsa love around here!

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