Monday, 13 May 2013


I woke up to these adorable little faces!!


Yesterday was Mother's Day.  My 3rd Mother's Day. It was my own Mom's 37th Mother's Day! 37th!!! 
My Mom's Mother's Days started with me. (God, am I that old? 37???) 
In the beginning I celebrated my Mom by showering her with gifts of coffee filter flowers, pipe cleaner and construction paper tulips, wax crayon masterpieces, and several other glue stick and paint creations.  All of which I am sure she saved in a box somewhere. Once I was a little older, I loved to surprise her with breakfast in bed, though I had to get up very early to catch my Mom still in bed.  Lately, I've been lucky if I get a card in the mail to her..infact her card is right here, on the computer desk, unsigned, waiting for me to remember it....ooops!!  Lucky for me, Mom is coming to visit us tonight, so I can give it to her in person and pretend that I was saving it for her all along. Ha!  It's not that I don't think about my Mom or that I don't love her enough to remember her, it's just that I am busy being a Mom myself and trying to be as good of a one as the one I had, means I rarely have time for distractions from my own children.  I also know that my Mom is one of the most understanding people I know, so I know she won't be upset that her card did not arrive in the mail by Mother's Day, though the one she sent me, did! 
My own son and daughter (thanks to their Dad's help) did have a card and a gift for me on Mother's day.  I got a brand new pair of "flop flops" as Ryder calls them (flip flops) and an ice cream maker! Yummmy!  
My favorite part of the day though, was the Sport Check Mother's Day 5km walk that I've been doing since I became a Mom in March of 2011.  This was my third year doing the walk.The first year, I walked with a friend in the pouring rain while Marty and baby Ryder waited for me. Last March, Ryder rode in the chariot hollering and cheering the whole way. Yesterday, Ryder rode in the chariot again. I figured he'd want out and I had planned to let him walk when he wanted to, however there were 20 thousand people participating in the run/walk and I think Ryder might have been slightly intimidated by the crowd. I love this run/walk as it truly is a Family event. It is to raise money for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and though, luckily neither of my children needed to go there, I am sooo greatful that our city has such a great facility for babies who need it.  Instead of getting out to walk, Ryder, who was not buckled into the chariot (as I thought he'd be in and out) wiggled around in there, turning back to face me, hanging over the sides, dragging his nose against the wheel (I'm serious, he stuck his face on the wheel while we were moving. Guess he just wanted to see what would happen!)
This is his nose before the race...
See the black on his nose after the race? That's from the wheel! LOL
My friend, Andrea, Ryder and I, ready to walk! (I have decided not to start running yet, for the health of my pelvic floor...apparently running too soon after having a baby can lead to peeing yourself for the rest of your life. Yikes!)

Here we are crossing the finish line. You can't tell from the pic, but Ryder is holding my hand! It was a sentimental moment for me!! :)

 After the run, Ryder went down for an early nap, which was perfect! It allowed us time for an afternoon adventure to Elbow Falls!

 Marty and Peanut

We did have a stranger attempt to take a family pic. This was the best one

After a fun Family adventure at the falls, Marty and Ryder made me chocolate chip pancakes for supper as per the tradition we started back on my first Mother's day!! 

 Kiss your babies, count your blessings and remember how much your Mother loves you!!!

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