Thursday, 30 May 2013


 I love this face!!
 This is the face of an least it is most of the time. Yesterday morning, this same smile was plastered on this face, but upside down! It was one of those morning that ended with me carrying this face out of the mall, a place, I feel I need to justify saying we went to specifically to play at the play area since it was pouring rain outside. We were not doing any shopping at all.  We were at the mall so Ryder could PLAY, yet it still ended with me carrying him kicking and screaming all out of there!  He was grumpy from the minute he woke up yesterday and our whole mall adventure was just a comedy of bad decisions on both mine and Ryder's part beginning with my poor decision to even venture to the mall int he first place, given Ryder's "mood," but the lour of coffee and adult conversation pulled me in! We stopped for coffees and juice first, then headed to the play area, where Ryder made his first bad decision: He, for some reason, poured the juice he so badly wanted ON his bagel? Umm, what? Why?  Anyway, after I mopped that up, I sent him into the tiny play area, where he sat on his little playmate. She hollered, "no Ryder, no Ryder, no Ryder," but he refused to get his 35 pounds off of her!! I eventually had to intervene. This did not go over well. Eventually, he was rolling around on the floor wailing. I had Peanut in a carrier on my front, but managed to pick Ryder up and began the long trek all through the mall to the parking lot. Once he was done screaming "don't want to! Don't want to" he changed his extremely loud protest to "Mommy, don't drop me! Don't drop me! Don't drop me" as if I've ever dropped him in the past!! Good grief!! Once I got him strapped into his car seat, his melt down was over and his angelic smile returned...too bad it takes me a little longer to "get over" these emotional outbursts than it takes him!  By the time we got home, all was forgiven and forgotten...until he didn't want to eat lunch, or take a nap, or talk to Daddy, or have a bath, was one of those days!!!  
Today though, was much better!!
We baked cookies (he didn't even eat too much dough) and he's getting really good at working my mixer!!  

I'm not gonna lie, Scout got a few licks off that beater, but that didn't stop Ryder from finishing it off!!

Then he actually, for real, helped me bath Peanut!! Oh my God, cutest thing ever!!!

He was sooo sweet, washing her belly and her toes. He talked to her the whole time. Melted my heart!!!

This also melts my heart: my little girl and her Daddy, catching a nap.
I love this face too!!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and love those little faces, smiles and frowns!!

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