Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Grampa and GG came to visit for the long weekend. Ryder couldn't wait to show them how fast he can go on his blue sled!

Once he discovered how much faster the saucer sled was than the toboggan, he made everyone else ride the toboggan. LOL
 I made him share the sled with me though!
 Payton didn't miss a minute of Grandparent time.

There were lots of snuggles over the weekend. Snuggles with Grandparents,
 snuggles with dogs and Grandparents,

Daddy snuggles
 and adorable naked smiles...(naked baby smiles, not naked Grandparent smiles) LOL
 There was a trip to the zoo

and a trip to a restaurant

 and lots of time at home just smiling at Grampa and GG.

I didn't get any pics, but Grampa spent a lot of time playing trains with Ryder (Ryder actually let him set up the train tracks on his "truck table.") GG also learned how to make Monster truck jumps out of playdough.

The best thing though, was how much Grampa was able to help Marty build the big play structure and "club house" we were given from some friends. First they had to take it apart, then haul it to our house and rebuild it. They were able to get it all reconstructed within a couple of afternoons! Yippeee!  Oops, looks like I don't have a picture of the completed project..I'll have to get one! It's awesome!

Thanks Grampa and GG for the visit! 

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and snuggle a lot! 

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  1. Ask Ryder if I can have a ride on the blue sled if I come visit...