Friday, 8 November 2013


I know, I know. Officially, it is still Fall, but it sure looks like Winter out there. Thankfully, it doesn't really feel all that wintery. The weather has been relatively warm, which makes enjoying all the snow we have so much more fun!! I love it when there is a pile of snow and warm temperatures. 
This year, Ryder is really into sledding. We've been sledding twice a day, almost every day since it snowed! The hill is a 60 second walk from our house so it makes it easy for us to go there even if we only stay for a short time (so far we never just stay a short time..)
The day it started snowing, we couldn't wait to get outside. At that time, the only sled we had was a baby one, so we bundled Peanut up, stuck her in it and Ryder pulled her everywhere.  Damn, did he work hard that morning.  (Yep, he had an epic nap that afternoon!)

So proud to be pulling his baby sister.
 Payton's first real snow!
 Ryder did not want me helping him at all!!
 Beautiful Wintery smile!

After naps, I loaded the kids in the truck and we went to the Dollar Store to get Ryder his own little shovel. He was driving me nuts always grabbing the shovel while I was trying to use it. There was no way I was ever going to get any snow shoveled unless he could help...with his OWN shovel.  I bought two little dollar store sleds too...but they both broke (the cheap handles snapped off before we even got them to the hill) so Ryder spent the afternoon on the hill in the baby sled while Payton sat on a blanket in the snow and watched. 

The happiest, most patient baby in the world, just content to watch big bro!
 Rosy cheeks!
 I love this pic!!! It just screams, WINTER!

I posted a video of him sledding on Facebook:

(I think if you cut and paste this link into your browser you should be able to see it. I need more time to upload videos to Youtube to get them onto my blog, but sadly, today, I do not have that kind of's worth watching though, with sound. Soooo much fun!)

Since I took this video he has taken to using the other sled (I eventually had to go to Canadian Tire to get proper sleds. I got a green plastic toboggan and a blue saucer.) He loves the blue sled all of the sudden as it goes way faster and farther than the green toboggan! After the big kids get out of school they all come to the hill to sled. Ryder cannot wait to get up from his nap to go sledding with the "neighbourhood kids" as he calls them.  I often feel like a Teacher on recess supervision, trying to manage the hill to keep it safe for both the big kids and the wee ones alike. I put on my happy, energetic voice and remind everyone to take turns and to walk up the SIDE of the hill not right up the middle...I don't want to be that "crazy parent" and since there are rarely other parents out there, or other small children Ryder's age, I think I am getting away with actually being the cool Mom of the cutest little boy. Even the older boys keep commenting how "cute" Ryder is and often they'll even carry his sled up the hill for him!  Actually, that is the awesome thing about Ryder. He insists on carrying his sled himself (unitl he gets tired) and he always walks up the hill himself excited to "try that again." I don't mind holding his hand on the way up to keep him from slipping but if he ever asks me to carry him, I know it's time to head home as he's just too tired to keep going.  I get ridiculous amounts of joy out of watching and listening to Ryder sled!! In the mornings, all the big kids are at school so we often have the hill to ourselves. Scout comes and so does Payton and we all race up and down the hill soaking up as much Winter fun as possible!!!

Also since it snowed, Marty got the hankering to get Ryder a hockey helmet and some skates. There isn't any outdoor ice in our community yet, but when they flood the rink, we'll be ready!
 One excited Canadian Dad! LOL

Like I said, the weather has been awesome!! We've been getting outside as much as possible and the other day we met some friends for a little Winter "hike." I decided that rather than put Ryder in snowpants for the walk, I'd put some longjohns and lined pants on him so that he'd have mobility for a hike.  Turns out I didn't have long johns for Ryder, but I did have his "Baby legs" (baby leg warmers) from when he was a baby. If you know me, then you know I am absolutely obsessed with Baby legs and have several pairs for Payton. They look just like tights but without the bum. I LOVE THEM!! Anyway, I thought I'd see if Ryder's still fit...they did. They almost fit better than when he was a baby cause his legs arn't quite so chubby anymore. LOL Well, he was crazy excited that he could wear Baby Legs, just "like Payton" and he was even more pumped that they had fir trucks on them.  He was sooo excited he refused to put on his pants.We were running late, so I just packed his pants thinking he'd put them on in the parking lot...he didn't so he spent the morning hiking in his boxer shorts and Baby Legs. Hilarious, adorable and probably a little chilly, but he never complained. Not even when he fell in the deep snow. He just dusted himself off and kept trucking. I love this kid!!
 Baby legs and jammies....
 Baby legs, jacket, mitts, tuque and boxer shorts....

 Payton hung out in the carrier for this walk. She's a great sport, happily sleeping through the whole event.  She's pretty easy to take long as we don't have to drive too far, she still hates her car seat.....

The best thing about all this fresh air and fun? Tired little cuties!!!!

The snow has almost all been "sledded" right off our hill. We need more snow!! Here's hoping we get a weekend full of it!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and go sledding, it's so good for your spirit!


  1. Great post, Jeanne! I wanted to know if you could answer my question about your blog! I'm Heather and my email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  2. Love winter fun!!!
    I also love rosy cheeks on little ones!
    AND baby legs and boxers hiking in the snow... awesome!!

    Once you get Ryder out on those skates bring him out to the lake for a skating date with his buddies... we go public skating right now, but are "patiently" waiting for our lake to freeze!