Friday, 1 November 2013


October 31st, 2013. Payton's first Halloween.
She was a monkey, though it's hard to tell from these pics. What's not hard to tell, is that she was an adorable chunky monkey!! :)

I realized after she was in bed that amidst all the caos of the night, I didn't get one single picture of her where her whole adorable costume was visible.

The festivities started with hot dogs and good friends, followed by hot chocolate and Baileys which turned 8 adults into happy Halloweening parents!

It took a while but we managed to get all 6 kids stuffed into their costumes.  
Getting a good photo of all of the kids in one shot standing still was pretty much impossible.

 Ryder and his buddy Asher with their glow sticks (very exciting to have glow sticks you know!)
 Hayden was the oldest of the crew. At 4 years old, she had a couple of Halloweens under her belt, so she was able to show these boys the ropes.  (Her Dad did her make up. Pretty awesome eh?)
The boys stabbing the Jack-O-Lantern with their glow swords.
(The monster is Hudson, the youngest walking trick or treater of our crew.)

Asher, adorable dragon.

Ryder, my adorable fire fighter.

Hayden the super excited vampire.

The sweet little monster was way to tricky to pin down for a pic...

Tick or Treat!!

Thank you friends, for a fantastic, memorable night!  Same time, same place next year?

 The baby inside that carrier is only 2 weeks old, but she is dressed in a cow costume!!

The little monster stayed with us for a few houses, before he had to head home to bed. The little dragon lasted quite a few more houses, but Ryder and Hayden could have gone all night!! "next house!" they'd both holler as they descended the steps of each home.
Ryder had a good time last year, but this year he really "got it" and was amped all night!

Here's a pic of the last three "standing."

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Looks like a happy and adorable halloween indeed.