Sunday, 24 November 2013



 Yesterday, we went to visit our neighbours. They just had a baby three weeks ago and we were invited over to get some newborn baby love. Ofcorse the conversation turned to, "Who does she (little baby Presley) look like? Her Mom or Dad? It was decided that she difinitely looks like her Dad.  When we got home, I asked Ryder who he thought our baby looks like, Daddy or Mommy? Ryder thought for a second and answered with a very honest, "She looks like ME!"  We laughed because it's true!! I mean if you look at the above pics and imagine that Ryder had more hair or Payton has less, they look a lot alike...he was chubbier at this age, though people always ask, "Was Ryder this chubby?" Yep, yep, he was! :)

Ryder has a crazy love for his little sister and he ALWAYS has to be hugging her, picking her up or touching her.  If I take my eyes off them for one minute he's got her under the armpits dragging/carrying her across the floor.  She seems to love every second of it...until he lets go of her and bonks her head. (I try not to let that happen...very often LOL)

Today, I took Ryder to the Farm to see Uncle Dirt and left Payton napping at home with Marty. I guess she woke up shortly after we left, so she and Daddy had a few hours together. Payton was in the high chair when we got home, but once she took one look at Ryder she started kicking her legs and waving her arms and giggling like crazy. I took her out of the chair and let her and Ryder have a little reunion. I think she really missed him. They couldn't stop giggling at each other! Warmed my heart!!

These two are tight!!!

   (The neighbour's passed on to us a box of clothes from her Mom. They were clothes she had dressed the neighbour's brother in 25 years ago!! Talk about vintage! We thought these sweaters were pretty funny!! LOL)

The only time Ryder does not want Payton around is when he is playing playdough. He does not like her eating his playdough and he does not like her touching his trucks. He has become obsessed with playdough. I mean I am commissioned to make "roads" and "Monster Truck jumps" starting at 8 in the morning every morning!! I remember playing with playdough as a kid, but I don't think I ever made monster truck jumps out of it. Every truck he has has gets burried in playdough up to it's axles!
This morning (not sure why it's underling, but I'm just gonna keep writitng as I'm too frustrated to fight with Blogger...) I tried and tried to convince Ryder to put the playdough away because it was a beautiful day and there were things to do OUTSIDE and playdough would be here when the sun stopped shining!It was a fight, but eventually, he agreed and we had the best time, tobogganing,

 watching tobogganing, swinging,

 and riding Uncle Dirt.
 We met some friends out at the farm. Ryder is pretty good at sharing Uncle Dirt. Here the three kids are all leading him out to pasture together at the end of our visit! I love how patient my old boy is with these little cuties!
 When the sun isn't shining, I am sometimes able to bust the playdough obsession with activites like baking,
 and taking selfies!!

I guess I don't have to worry about what we'll do all winter long inside the house. As long as I can keep up with the playdough making demand (Thank God, Mom passed down the BEST playdough recipe ever) we'll be just fine!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and if you are stuck inside with two small children all winter, just make playdough. Lots and lots of playdough!


  1. Um, your child is wearing a sweater with animal ear flaps. Actual ears. Like 3D and growing out of the shirt. I am sorry, Payton.

  2. Awesome!! They do look alike!

    What is your playdough recipe... I would love to make my own!