Monday, 30 March 2015


She's two!

Payton's birthday was Friday, March 27th. She turned two! She is a little girl who knows what she wants and what she doesn't! Her favorite words are "me too!" and "me do it myself!" Definitely trying to keep up with her big brother whom she adores and eager to become independent!!  She weighs 30lbs and is 2feet and 9.5 inches tall! She loves horses, kitties, puppies and well, all animals.  She adores dolls and playing that I (or anyone else she can convince) is her baby. She is very maternal, loving to pretend to tuck me in. She always remembers to read me stories and kiss me good night.  She is the messiest eater and a little mischievious and full of LOVE!! She wasn't much of a cuddler as a one year old, but lately she's learned to hug tight, with both arms wrapped around my neck!! LOVE those big big hugs!!

For her birthday this year, Mom and Nic were gone, so the cake project was left up to me.  Drained of energy from report cards and feeling overwhelmed by my lack of skill, I took a short cut.  I baked cupcakes (yes out of a box) made icing (from scratch) and bought (from a kitchen boutique) Princess Sophia cupcake toppers.  All Payton wanted was a "sophia cake" and that's kinda what she got. (Mom and Nic, I missed your help!!!)

Friday, was a beautiful day and by the time we sat down to eat Payton's birthday dinner (pancakes, exactly what she requested) the sun was beating through the dining room window.  Birthday dinner turned out to be..topless!  That sun was just too hot!

 Making her wish!
 Big brother helping.
 Payton has a great hand me down "run bike" thanks to the kick ass one Uncle Hoser made Ryder three years ago, so a new bike was not on her birthday agenda.  She did get a Princess Sophia rag doll, a baby diaper bag for her "babies" and a Doc McStuffins docotr kit and coat.  Isn't she the cutest doctor???

We squeezed in some outdoor time just before putting our brand new two year old to bed!

 By the time we turned in that night, three of the four Wrights were a year older! One more birthday to go!
The weekend also held two other birthday parties for friends!  One of them had face painting.  Of all the choices, Payton picked out!
 Ryder knew before we even got to the party that he wanted to get a puppy face painted on his own.  He has never had an interest in sitting still for this before....he did great!

The second birthday party was held at a gymnastics facility, The Flip Factory.  Such a fun place for a birthday!!!
 Payton's first party as a two year old!
 She LOVED to bounce! It was impossible to get a clear shot of her, she was always bouncing!! LOL
 All of the four year olds got to try out the reverse bungee.  Ryder "just" qualitfied!! So much fun!

Marty and I even got to go out for a night on the town. Date Night! It was a chance for us to celebrate both of our birthdays since they happen so close together! We don't often have the chance to get out together, so we took full advantage! Drinks and dinner downtown, part of the Lacrosse game and the late night comedy show! We need to get out together more often!!! We had a blast together!

Marty's birthday is Thursday.  After that, all of the Wrights will be one year older and wiser! :)

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and be thankful for everyday you find yourself on "this" side of the grass!!!

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  1. She's Two! And she's adorable. Can't wait to bring belated birthday greetings this weekend!