Sunday, 20 January 2013


My toes have disappeared! I am sure they were gone before today, but today was the first day I actually noticed!  It seems that while i have been busy chasing Ryder around, working full time, walking Scout and feeding my salt and chocolate cravings  lil "Peanut" has been growing..alot!!

I've been battling varicose veins, mostly on my left foot, ankles and upper leg, but also in unmentionable places that have been causing my a little discomfort. I am definitely not enjoying being pregnant as much this time around. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying some things about it, like eating for two (believe me, I am taking full advantage of that,) the bigger boobs (oviously not showcased in the unflattering, yet comfy sports top I am wearing in this pic,) and the "front of the bathroom line" treatment I get in public places, however, this belly is slowing me down. Growing a fetus takes a lot of energy, the kind of energy I sooo badly want to and need to have so I can be "fun mom" for Ryder James. I try, I try so hard to be happy, fun and full of the kind of enthusiasm Ryder has for every second of every waking hour, but I seem to be loosing steam.  I hate being too tired to really play with him all day, but I am sooo happy to be expecting another little miracle. I better get used to this continuous fatigue as I have a sneaking suspicion I am going to feel this way for the next few years!

One thing I always have energy to do with Ryder is hang out in the kitchen.
Ryder loves to help me bake.  Today, we made "energy bars" then a yummy smoothie!


Tomorrow, I head for an Ultrasound. I am excited to get another look at lil Peanut!  

Kiss your babies, Count your blessings and remember: There is plenty of time for sleeping when you are dead.

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