Wednesday, 2 January 2013


December 27th, 2012, I took Ryder for his first hair cut. Finally, his hair was longish enough to warrent an official hair cut.  He was just over 21 months old.  Seems like it took him forever to grow hair, let alone enough hair to need cutting. I know a few Moms who hold off as long as possible before cutting their kids' hair because they want to hold on to the baby curls, or the softness of all that baby hair...I was not that Mom. Ryder simply has not grown much hair over the last year and a half. I always intended to take him to one of those fun "kid friendly" hair places for his first cut and Thursday afternoon, I took him to "Melonheads." Ryder got to sit in a fun chair with a steering wheel. He wore a fun cape and sat like such a big big boy. He did not make a peep the whole time and he wore a very serious face. He refused to crack a smile, or to show any expression at all until he got a succer at the end! :)

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  1. Oh so cute! He's going to take his fashion seriously just like his dad! lol