Tuesday, 15 January 2013


It recently stopped snowing after two or three days of it in a row. The sun has come out and the weather has warmed up. I love it when this happens...it snows then it gets warm enough to enjoy it!! Yipppeee!
Today, I picked Scout up after school, then drove to get Ryder and we headed out to see "Uncle Dirt." Ryder loves helping with everything out there at the Farm and now that he is a little bigger, he really can do some of the things on his own. Today he led, "Uncle Dirt" all the way from the barn to the gate by himself.  He even yanked on the rope a few times when Dirt would stop.  Dirt is awesome at being patient and humoring Ryder. He must have eaten 15 horse cookies today, just because Ryder got  sooo excited every time Dirt grabbed one out of his hand...oh and just because no horse ever turns down molasses cookies, do they? He he!

Scout was happy just to be along for the ride!  She loves the farm, it is her happy place too! 
Ryder and I also took her for a short walk around the block after supper tonight. Ryder held the leash all by himself almost the entire time...until he got tired on the uphill walk back and asked me to carry him. :)
 Marty is gone this week and I would be sooo lonely without these two little creatures in my life keeping me company!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and soak up a little winter sunshine whenever you can!

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