Sunday, 2 June 2013


We drove up to Mom's Friday evening. We took the truck as we were going to pick up our holiday trailer which Mom has graciously stored for us all winter.  It's a three hour drive to Mom's and because it was pouring rain, not only did we have to squeeze two kids in car seats and a dog onto the back seat, but we had to put all of our luggage inside the truck too.  It was a very tight fit, but we fit...barely!
Ryder was PUMPED when we arrived at Mom's and though it was 8:30, well passed his bedtime, we knew it would be no use putting him to bed until he'd checked out all the trucks in the play room, the play house and slide outside and the cool deck chair Grammy had bought just for him.  He laid his head on the pillow in the play pen (his bed at Grammy's) at 10pm!!

We all woke up early Saturday morning, happy to be out of the city, in the country being spoiled by Mom!  After a breakfast of bacon and eggs, we began the chore list. Mom lives on this acreage alone, so when we come to visit, we are more then happy to help with some of her projects. The projects usually involve the chainsaw or quad, so even Marty has fun helping!  This year, Ryder is old enough to be interested in "helping." He is the cutest helper ever!!

Auntie Dic came to spend the day with us too!!  All Ryder could talk about before we got to Grammy's was Auntie and all he's talked about since we left is Auntie, but while she was there, he was pretty stingy with his auntie love....I don't understand 2 year olds!! LOL
Oh, and he picked up the saying, "no way jose" which he was not shy to use as a response to almost all requests. Ofcorse at first it was cute and funny, by the end of the weekend, it was just plain frustrating and kinda rude though he continued to think it was cute and funny!! Ha ha!

We had a great, but short visit. First thing Sunday morning we headed back home with our trailer in tow!  Thanks Mom and Nic for spending your Saturday with us!!  Looking forward to our next visit!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and remember that "no way jose" is really funny to two year olds!!

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