Sunday, 16 June 2013


Yep, here we are, Day 13 of our 3 Day Potty Training Bootcamp. The one that has worked miracles, potty training toddlers everywhere in 3 days or less..HA!!
I am washing sheets everyday it seems. We either have a "wet" night or a "wet" nap. Poop? That continues to happen his undies. Though, I hesitate to complain too much about that as compared to the horrific experience changing poopy diapers was becoming, this "dump the log" out of his undies and carry on with our day is WAY preferable...not as preferable as doing it on the potty, this point I am clinging to any positives I can find. LOL
Pee? Most of that goes in the potty..MOST OF IT! This 3 day plan is taking a lot longer than the three days it took millions of other kids and mothers. Ha!
I'll admit, I have somewhat abandoned the "use ONLY positive langauge,"rule and I may or may not have cussed a couple of times under my breath, but we are making progress...or so I keep telling myself!
It was a long week of emotional ups and downs for me. Me going from thinking, "we've got this potty thing licked" to, "holy crap, WTHF???"  Not a week of Motherhood I am proud of at all. This was probably me at my worst. To my defense, Marty was gone for three days this week, and we were all exhausted from our camping and days and Grammy's...not an excuse for my short patience but maybe it makes it more understandable?

 I took a potty training leap of faith and headed to the farm to see Dirt. I brought extra undies and shorts just incase!

He did call out, "potty, potty" on the way home and we pulled off the side of the road so he could pee on the tire of the truck! Yay! I don't care where he pees at this stage as long as I don't have to clean it up! 

The rain kept us holed up inside, this also contributed to my grumpy attitude.  For something to do and because Ryder and I love to, we did some baking, however even that ended badly.  I snapped (probably a little harsher than I meant to) at Ryder when he started licking raw egg off the spatula. My tone alarmed him and he began crying, saying, "Scouty, Scouty." That's right, he did not want Mama cuddles, he was ditching my comfort for that of the dog.  I carried him to the landing of the steps where Scout likes to sleep. He crawled up there with her and just cuddled her!  We are so lucky to have her!!
The weather was not really nice enough to be out in just undies and the mosquitos, I'm sure had a feast, but Ryder wanted out and I needed a break. I sent both he and Scout outside so I could quickly have ten minutes to vacume. Yep, that's why my house looks the way it does..I only take 10 mins to vacume! LOL

One rainy evening with nothing left to do and my energy at an all time low (Marty had been gone for three days for work,) Ryder, Peanut and I all climbed onto the couch and watched three episodes of Dora in a row!! The cuddles, all of us together, were really nice. The meltdown afterwards, before tubby time, was NOT!!!

We survived the week though, and have come out of the other side with a poop in the potty!!
 The good days definitely outweigh the bad but I wouldn't be honest if I said every day was awesome, cause some days, just are NOT and this week happened to be full of days that were not!

On a positive note, Peanut continues to be a "dream!" She has been awake a lot more and she's started drawing us all into her warm, chubby cheeked smiles!!

Here's to a brand new that will be filled with more "good" days than "bad" right?!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and recognize that you will miss even the "bad" days and the poop in the undies, once these little cuties are all grown up!

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  1. Your potty training adventures are something else!! I feel for you... it is a tricky thing, but he will get it. Poop was harder for Wil too, I heard that is quite common for boys, so just keep at it! Wil used to ask me for a pull up to poop in, he just would not go on the potty.
    Don't be too hard on yourself for a less than stellar "mommy" week. We are only human and being a mommy of a 2 year old and a wee baby is hard, even on good days... let alone on days when the hubby is away, you are potty training and the weather is crap. We have all had those moments and any mother who tells you they haven't is lying or on medication to prevent it!! You are an awesome mom... your kids are happy and healthy and you are such a fun and active family. Don't dwell on the rare mommy meltdowns, they are a part of it all!