Friday, 21 June 2013


The Monday after Father's Day was beautiful. We've had a lot of rain recently, so the sunshine was more than welcomed!! It was a perfect day for the zoo!!! We have zoo passes, so we've been to the zoo quite a bit.  With a two year old though, we never make it all the way through the zoo, there is just too much to see and explore.  Monday, my friends and I decided to walk past all the animals we normally see and head straight for the end of the zoo we never see then work our way back to the parking lot.  These are the friends I made while in pre natal classes while pregnant with Ryder.  Since there are three 2 year olds and two babies among us, we always bring a wagon big enough to fit all three of the 2 year olds.  They rarely ride in it, but it's nice to have it just incase they get tired of running plus it holds all of our snacks and paraphernalia.  Ryder insisted on pulling the wagon with Asher in it all the way to the other end of the zoo!! It only ran him over once on a downhill stretch...but he got right back up and kept pulling.  At the far end of the zoo, it turns out,there is a train and a carosel! Fun!! We didn't see many animals, but we pooped in the potty at the zoo, and we rode the train alot!! It was a fantastic sunny day!!

 Ryder pulled Asher all the way across the whole zoo!!

 The train at the zoo!!

 These three have known each other since before they were born! Adorable trio!!

Tuesday, it started raining AGAIN!! Well, it wasn't raining when we started out on our adventure, but by the time it was over, the rain was pouring down!!  We joined an outdoor play group that meets at various parks in and around the city. Everyone in the group has at least one two year old in their care.  Tuesday was our first time meeting with the groupWe were meeting at Griffith Woods and we were told to let our little ones bring their bikes.  This was gonna be fun...except, I had my WORST parenting morning ever. This is what potty training has done to me, it's turned me into some kind of evil poop maniac.  
I could tell Ryder had to poop all morning. He kept grabbing at his butt but he REFUSED to sit on the toilet. He REFUSED!!! I tried everything, including pulling the whole, "Fine! Peanut and I are leaving without you then!!" act and I actually walked out of the house, got in the truck with Peanut and fired it up while Ryder lay on the ground just inside the front door screaming!! Ofcorse I was bluffing and once I returned to the house, he still refused to go.  I buckled him into his car seat and drove off giving Ryder an immature silent treatment. I just wanted him to go before we left the house. I just wanted him to poop so he wouldn't be uncomfortable and so it wouldn't be sooo gross out in the woods. We had our first real power struggle and I lost and I was still angry and I couldn't get over it like Ryder did.  God, if he remembers potty training, our relationship will be permanently dammaged.  Don't worry, after a day of reflection, I resolved to care a lot less about him shitting his pants in public. Hell if he wants to, go for it. I have to try to remember that, for me, as long as I catch it before he sits on it, it's actually less gross and less stressful than changing his poopy diaper was. 
Anyway, we get to the parking lot. I insist that he uses the public potty before getting on his bike. He does without a fight, but only pees. I unload his bike and he becomes my adorable, happy, awesome son again!! He strides along on his bike like a little pro, making me soo proud...until he gets uncomfortable because, oh yeah, he has to poop. He refuses to ride his bike now. He wants to hold my hand, he becomes whiney, and needy. His little buddy, Asher keeps saying, "Ryder, get on bike." But Ryder refuses.  The weather is turning fast, we are in the woods, I am wearing Peanut, holding Ryder's hand and carrying a bike.  Awkward. Not all that fun. Bummer. If he'd just ride his bike, he'd have sooo much fun. But, this is what happens when he has to poop. I think he gets kinda scared, because just before he always gets all needy and wants me to carry him.  Thankfully, the group is full of really nice Mom's and Asher's mom is there too, so they all take turns helping me carry Ryder's bike. Finally, I unstrap Peanut, hand her off to Ally (Asher's mom) and take Ryder into the woods to go potty. In my mind, he's gonna poop, but he only pees. Damn, though honestly, I'm not sure exactly how I would have had him sit to poop. He continues to refuse to bike.  Eventually, we arrive at the creek, the destination of the hike. We have a snack, it starts to rain and now Ryder wants to ride his the creek!!! I hadn't brought any other shoes or pants or rain gear or anything, but I also know that it's unfair to bring a two year old to a body of water and then not let them play in it. So, in he goes, in his shoes and pants on his bike!! Weeeeee!  The rain really begins to fall, the thunder booms and it's time to go!!! Peanut starts crying, now she's hungry! Ryder gets off his bike. Now he wants to walk again!! I try feeding Peanut in the carrier while walking, but Ryder insists on holding my hand, so feeding gets tricky. We take shelter under a large pine tree. I finish feeding Peanut and Ryder and I watch puddles form. Yay, motivation to ride his bike. What two year old can resist puddles???? Yippee!!! Peanut's belly is full, Ryder is on his bike and we head for the parking lot. Now we're making memories. Making memories!! 

We got home and....he immediately pooped his pants!

The rain let up after dinner so we wanted to get both Scout and Ryder out of the house. Ryder was happy to ride his bike. He's getting really good on it. It's a stride bike that Uncle Hoser made for him.  He's not striding a whole bunch yet, but he's starting too and he LOVES it! We found this great paved path in the woods near our house. I was pushing Peanut in the stroller, Marty had Scout on leash and Ryder was riding his bike.  Then we came to a hill. A big hill. I was immediately nervous, but Ryder, apparently, was not.  He started down the hill and began gaining speed. With speed came the speed wobble, you know where the handle bars begin wobbling quickly from side to side just before you lose control! And lose control he did and i watched in horror as my two year old rode his bike right over the edge of the ravine. (marty would call it a ditch. I call it a ravine!!!!) I mean he dissapeared. Marty ran after him, picked him up (thank God he didn't hit any trees and he didn't roll too far) dusted off his knees and put him right back on his bike. Ryder wasn't rattled at all. Infact he was calling at Marty to push him up the next hill. I, on the other hand was trembling. I didn't stop shaking until Ryder was back home, safe in bed!! Holy crap, he scared me!  I dont' know how Moms watch their kids do scary things like learn to walk and ride bikes...good grief and this is only the beginning. I am sure I aged 5 years!! 

The rain continued to fall, the wind continued to blow and before we knew it the city of Calgary was declaring a state of emergency!  The whole downtown core flooded! The river just kept rising until it flooded everything!! Several neighbourhoods around downtown were evacuated and roads and highways were closed!! Thankfully, though we do live close to the river, we live on top of a hill, so we have been spared, however the devastation our city is experiencing is upsetting to us all.  Things all over the city remain a state of disaster, however, I am lucky enough to get to tuck my little cuties into their dry, warm beds tonight. I don't know how I got to be so lucky, but I thank God every night, that I am!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and stop sweating the small stuff, like pooping pants!!

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