Thursday, 13 June 2013


Last weekend, we headed out on our family's first camping trip as a family of four.  Friday afternoon, we loaded up the 2 year old, the 10 week old, the 4 year old (dog) and the potty ( we were on day 5 of a 3 day potty training bootcamp,) and headed for Gull Lake for a weekend camping adventure with good friends of ours who also have a 2 year old in the throws of potty training.  Asher was born a week after Ryder and his Mom, Ally and I were in the same pre natal class. It is sooo much fun watching our boys grow up together.

The first thing we set up was our potty, but by the end of the weekend, he was peeing on the big potty and only sitting on this one to push the button to make the Lightening McQueen engine noises.

The excitement of camping and having a buddy to play with was too much and we had an accident (pee) that night before bed, but really, we kinda couldn't blame him. Anyone having as much fun as he was would have a heck of a time stopping to potty!
The boys went to bed around 8pm and Peanut hung with us around the fire.
Peanut ended up sleeping in this bouncy seat in the trailer both nights. That wasn't plan A, but it worked this time. :)

 After a "dry" night, Ryder was up early, saying, "Asher is calling me." Adorable!! The boys were out ready for pancakes and bike rides first thing in the morning....after a poop in his undies. Damn it! I was hoping by some miracle we'd get that in the potty while camping!! Silly me!! I'll admit it, that pair of undies, we just threw in the nearest dumpster.  Ally had been generous enough to give Ryder an ear of corn Friday night and here that gift was, still giving! Corn poops are nasty, especially while camping!
The boys biked and biked and puddle jumped and loved life as 2 year olds!!

 Peanut spent time in the Pea Pod just being a great sport while the boys played in puddles by the lake.

Sunday morning involved lots more biking and then we had to pack up. Marty had meetings up in Edmonton, so Ryder, Peanut and I decided we'd ride into the city with him to spend a couple days at Mom's while Marty was on business.

 Peeing on the truck tire, a favorite place to go! :)
Thanks Grammy for taking care of us for two days and for putting up with some potty accidents and successess!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and remember, poop in the potty, counts as a blessing!!!

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