Friday, 21 June 2013


Last weekend was Father's Day weekend. I helped Ryder and Peanut celebrate their Daddy and I quietly celebrated my own!  Now that I have children of my own, I appreciate soooo much more what great parents we had and what a fun Dad my Dad was!! I miss him sooo much and I know he would have loved wrestling with Ryder and snuggling Payton!

Ryder, Peanut and I joined Marty for a hike to Troll Falls.  It was a shortish, family friendly hike that ended with ice cream for Ryder (a treat he earned by pooping in the potty before we left the house.) On the way home from the hike, we met another family at the amusement park where Dad's got in free! It was Ryder's first time on the rides! Soo much fun!!!
The kids were exhausted and once they were tucked safely in bed, Marty and I enjoyed a Father's Day plate of nachos!! Yummmm!

 Daddy wearing Ryder's hat and RJ chillin' at home

 Troll Falls

 Holdin' hands
Peeing on the trail....and on his leg and on his shorts and shoes....
 Daddy and his little Peanut
 Little?? LOL

I did a whole photo shoot of these two in Daddy's shirts, but my camera cord suddenly won't connect to my computer...those pics are to come....

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and hug your Daddies!!!!

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