Saturday, 27 July 2013


As a kid I always had this fantasy about what it would be like to live in the city. I always figured there would be other kids around all the time and everyone would come to our house and we'd run and bike and go to each other's houses and everyone's Mom's would offer us lemonade and fresh baked I said this was how city life was in my mind.
Maybe that's why I have loved sooo much having all the neighbourhood kids over to our front yard this summer.  
One day I drug the sprinkler out to our front yard (I knew if I did, kids would come.)  You know, that's almost the shame of having such great back yards, no one plays in the front ones around here anymore and it makes it harder to meet your own neighbours.  Marty is always working in the garage on his landcruiser so he's managed to meet lots of curious husbands who wished they had a cool garage project. They'll stand and talk his ear off all evening. I've managed to meet a few other Moms while chasing our kids on bikes down the sidewalk, but as far as gatherings of kids in front yards, this we had yet to experience...until the sprinkler. 
As soon as I brought it out, kids came!! The girls loved it (they are older than Ryder, but they are still at the age where they love "mothering" little ones.) The boys came on their bikes to check it out and even though they ranged in age from 8-10 they thought Ryder was sooo cute. Before I knew it they were encouraging him to chase them on their bikes. They were so respectful, staying within the bounds of the cul de sac that I had set out for Ryder. Finally, my own little childhood fantasy was coming true: All the kids were at our house!! To my delight one of the other mothers even came over with lemonade!!!
Ever since that afternoon, the kids have been hanging around a lot. The girls come over everyday begging to take Scout for a walk. They are awesome at including Ryder and waiting for him while they run through the soccer field next door.  On hot days, I bust out the sprinkler and everyone is welcome to come splash around.  Ryder really isn't into the sprinkler yet, but he loves watching everyone and having them all over here. This is what summer is all about!!!!

I didnt' get too many pics. I dont' want to be the creepy lady taking pics of other kids in their swimming suits, but here's what I got.
 I love that Ryder isn't shy about hanging out in his undies (impromptu swimming trunks)
I love all the bikes strewn on the street. Proof of a bunch of kids having fun!!!
 It's such a novelty for me, to have so many kids around (I know, I know, I'm a teacher, I have kids hanging around all the time,) but I mean neighbourhood kids, Ryder's friends.  If we have to live in the city, sharing this laughter and joy makes it worth it!!

Ofcorse, we still bring our friends out to the Farm to hang with Dirt.  I still get a lot of joy out of being the one to give kids their first ride on a horse!!!

 Here I am "wearing" Peanut while leading our little friend for the first time!! This is not Uncle Dirt. IT's Panda. He's my good friend's horse. Dirt is great "on the ground" the kids can lead him, brush him and feed him til the cows come home, but Panda is safer for riding.

 Snacks in the dirt, that's how we roll!

Ofcorse, we can't always hang out with friends, but we have eachother and sometimes that's all we need!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and bust out that sprinkler on beautiful days. If you turn it on, they will come!!

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